5 Common Land Surveying Tulsa Myths Debunked

Apr 26, 2022 | Land Surveying

Anything from minor land planning projects to major civil engineering projects involve land surveying Tulsa. Although surveys are so often needed, their importance is not always understood due to various misconceptions.


Debunking Land Surveying Oklahoma Myths


Myth 1: If a Property is Surveyed Once, New Surveys Are Never Needed

If your property was surveyed years ago, or you are purchasing land that has been surveyed, you may believe that meeting with a land surveying Oklahoma technician is not needed. However, if a survey is not recent, it is best to get a new one.

As with any other documentation, there is a chance that a survey becomes outdated over time. For example, an original survey may not show easements or new structures. Working with a surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma before purchasing a property or starting a construction project will ensure accuracy.


Myth 2: Exterior Fences and Walls Show My Property’s Legal Boundaries

If you are planning a construction project or property improvements, you may believe that you do not need a survey because your fence shows the land’s exact boundaries. However, physical structures are not a substitute for a boundary survey.

Although exterior walls and fences can show a general outline of your property, these should be seen only as an estimation, not an exact measurement. If the fence is old or constructed by the property’s previous owner, it is best to have a survey conducted to determine the exact boundaries.


Myth 3: Land Surveying Tulsa is Not Necessary if I am Building on My Property

Because you are working on your own land, you may believe that the information from a survey will not be useful or needed. However, even when surveys are not legally necessary, they can help your project succeed.

Land surveys provide essential information on your property’s boundaries, grading, elevation, and more. As such, the survey data and map can help you plan and construct a successful project. Additionally, it will keep you from accidentally encroaching on neighboring properties.


Myth 4: Encroachments are Not a Concern Because I Know My Neighbors

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you may believe that encroachments are not possible because you and your neighbors know the boundaries. However, accidental encroachments are more common than you may think.

It is highly unlikely that the owner of a neighboring property will purposefully encroach on your land and vice versa. However, accidental encroachments by either party may occur if there is no survey or if an older survey provides outdated information. Getting a new survey before starting a project will prevent potentially costly legal conflicts.


Myth 5: Any Surveyor Technician in Tulsa Oklahoma will Get the Same Results

Once you decide to have a survey conducted for your next project, you may believe that you can work with any technician to get the data you need. However, you need to work with the right technician for the best results.

The information from a land survey is important in planning and constructing significant structures. For the project to be successful, you need to work with highly accurate information. It is essential to work with a survey technician who has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get the best results.

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