Land Planning With Sisemore & Associates

At Sisemore & Associates, our land planners work alongside civil engineers, land surveyors, land owners, project managers, and other involved parties to ensure a development project is well-designed, appealing, safe, and fully functional in the long term.

Land planning involves more than choosing the best location for a project or what to do with an undeveloped plot of land. Land planning professionals utilize knowledge, research, GPS survey results, and more essential data to design spaces that contribute to the livelihood of the community.

By partnering with an experienced land planner, you can set your project up for success. These professionals are often involved in the planning phases of a variety of projects, including:

  • Streets
  • Parks
  • Open Spaces
  • Buildings
  • Other Structures
A land plan created by Sisemore & Associates.

Comprehensive Land Planning With Sisemore & Associates

As a firm of land planning and surveying professionals, Sisemore & Associates consistently provides creative, cost-effective, and marketable development concepts and solutions for property development purposes. Whether the project is commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, or mixed-use in nature, our experienced staff offers expert advice and guidance throughout the land planning and development process.

Our land planning services go hand-in-hand with other essential components that are needed for successful land development projects, specifically:

A professional surveyor working at his desk.

GPS Surveying

Surveying is a critical part of land development. Our surveyors use various techniques and equipment to map out the precise locations of a property’s boundaries, natural features, and artificial features. Through the use of the Global Positioning System in a GPS survey, our surveyors can map out the land with more accuracy and ease than ever before. This speeds up the project timeline, allowing land planners, civil engineers, and other professionals to safely plan projects on time and within budget.

Zoning Assistance

In conjunction with professional land planning services, our firm provides complete zoning assistance. We offer comprehensive services to our clients to ensure their projects are on the route to success. Our zoning assistance services include:

  • The preparation and processing of all zoning and land planning applications. This includes site plans, rezoning, planned unit development, lot split, platting, and any other related land development applications.
  • Preparing project zoning and development presentations. Our land planning staff can present these to all governing boards, neighborhood groups, and any other interested parties.
  • Professional consultation with clients on applicable project zoning and subdivision regulation approval requirements. This will help you, your project managers, and any other involved parties successfully prepare for development.
A map of the Tulsa Metro.
A professional discusses details from a feasibility study with the land planning and surveying team.

Feasibility Studies

In addition to the above, our team routinely prepares feasibility studies. Feasibility studies are integral in determining if a property or parcel of land is suitable for the intended project. Our team will conduct a feasibility study to address land use and site engineering concerns, carefully considering all rules, regulations, and zoning laws around the land. With this service, we will also provide anticipated site development and infrastructure costs. All information will be shared with you in a timely manner, which can help streamline the entire development process.

Land Planning Done Right

When you partner with our team, you have the added benefit of working with professionals with a range of perspectives in regard to your development project. At Sisemore & Associates, our Land Planning, Surveying, and Civil Engineering departments work closely together to deliver designs and solutions that meet the objectives of our clients.

By employing a team-based approach to the projects we work on, our firm consistently completes projects in a timely and professional manner. We maintain consistent communication and interaction with our clientele and the approval agencies we work with, offering comprehensive land planning, civil engineering, and surveying services that go beyond what is expected of us.

Whether you are in need of zoning assistance, a GPS survey, or simply require the expertise of experienced land planners, surveyors, and civil engineers, we are here to help. Get in touch for more information on our services or to start your next project with our experienced firm.