Construction Layouts From an Oklahoma Surveyor

Construction layouts are a critical component of construction projects, ensuring a project is built according to engineering design plans. For this, an Oklahoma surveyor will perform construction staking services to mark the location and orientation of proposed new structures. They will also note suggested positions of utilities, like electrical and plumbing. Staking provides contractors and other involved parties with a clear view and understanding of where the improvements should be built.

Construction staking may consist of Rough Grade Staking or Site Layout Surveys, both of which are vital to a construction process. Rough Grade Staking maps the general location of new improvements, whereas Site Layout Surveys provide the precise location for actual construction purposes. The type of project you have will dictate the level of precision exercised by the surveyor technician.

During a construction layout, a surveying team will stake a variety of structures, such as roads, buildings, fences, and utilities. To keep the project moving smoothly from start to finish, boundary, topographical, or ALTA surveying technicians will also conduct extensive calculations to verify the design and assist with field layout.

Construction safety equipment worn by an Oklahoma surveyor.

Accuracy Matters with Construction Layouts.

The accuracy of a construction layout is paramount, which makes it all the more important to partner with an experienced professional. If the calculations are off by small measurements, there can be severe consequences, from failed installations to severe safety risks for all involved parties. Without accurate results from a construction layout, the project risks going over time and budget, which can be detrimental to its success.

Experience the Difference with Our Expert Oklahoma Surveyors

Accurate construction staking is a critical step in ensuring the success of a construction project. As such, engaging with an experienced team and licensed Oklahoma surveyor guarantees the accuracy and reliability of results.

Our team at Sisemore & Associates provides construction layout services to meet various needs. However, our fieldwork is not where our excellence begins and ends. Our teams continuously coordinate with site superintendents to meet tight deadlines and discuss any issues found in our preparation before fieldwork begins. Likewise, we maintain communication with our clients throughout the process, ensuring their needs are met in an efficient manner.

We have extensive experience in providing construction layouts for a variety of needs, such as:

  • Survey GPS control networks for machine control sites
  • Roadways, bridges, and rights of ways
  • Building Layouts, such as foundations, column lines, and piers
  • Curb and gutter locations for parking and street construction
  • Sanitary sewer lines, storm drain lines, water lines, and more
  • Final Grading for critical drainage areas and ADA cross slopes
  • As-built surveys to check for engineering compliance and design aspects
Construction vests

Support Your Construction Layout with ALTA Surveying

If you are embarking on a new development or construction project, it is beneficial to partner with a firm that provides multiple services needed for your project. The Sisemore & Associates team has expertise that goes beyond providing precise construction layouts. Before construction begins, our surveyor technicians can perform surveys, such as boundary and ALTA surveying, that provide highly accurate details about the property.

Land surveys provide details that are necessary to kickstart development. For example, an ALTA survey is especially helpful if you need to obtain title insurance or finance a property with a lender. These surveys are conducted according to standards set by the American Land Title Association. The details included in the survey provide necessary insight into the property and its features, so the buyer can have a clear understanding if the land meets the needs of the project. Likewise, the data provided by the ALTA survey can show a potential lender that the property is a worthwhile investment on their end.

Partner with Sisemore & Associates

At the beginning stages of a development project, having experienced and reliable partnerships can help you successfully prepare for construction. Whether you need a construction layout, a land survey, or civil engineering plans, our Oklahoma surveyors at Sisemore & Associates would love to be a part of your project. Contact us to get started, or reach out with any questions.