UAV Mapping and Topographical Surveys

Drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), have changed the way surveyors work. Before drones were used to conduct a topographical survey, technicians would be required to take measurements and collect data manually, either by walking on foot or driving a vehicle. While the traditional way of surveying is still preferred in certain circumstances, it becomes difficult to use these methods when safety and efficiency are of greater concern.

The many benefits of UAV mapping include:

  • Increased Safety. Drones nearly eliminate the risks of personal injury for surveyor technicians. With UAVs, they no longer need to lift and carry heavy equipment and do not have to trek across unsafe terrain to capture data.
  • Greater Efficiency. UAVs can capture measurements and data quicker than traditional methods, greatly speeding up the process from days and weeks to hours or even minutes, depending on the project.
  • Improved Accuracy. The UAVs used in surveying are state-of-the-art technology, able to collect data and measurements with improved accuracy and precision.

Throughout a drone survey, the surveyor will still approach each project with care and precision through every phase of the process. This begins before the surveyor even arrives at the property. Thorough research on local regulations is conducted beforehand to ensure that the drone can safely fly at the needed time and location. Likewise, the surveyor will carefully monitor weather conditions to keep the drone and other involved parties safe.

A surveyor going through topographical survey data collected by a UAV.

Going Above and Beyond with Aerial Topographic Surveys

Not all surveyors can use UAVs to conduct a topographical survey to the highest level of accuracy needed for various projects. A certified UAV pilot operates these specialized drones, capturing the best results with their extensive training and skills. Our team at Sisemore & Associates follows the guidelines set by the Certified Federal Surveyor program. You can rest assured that our UAV Mapping services offer what companies need to achieve accuracy, ensure safety, and maintain the quality of their next project.

As a leader in land surveying for over 25 years, we deliver more than just data. We go above and beyond what is normally expected of a surveying company. With all of our UAV mapping projects, captured information is then verified with traditional survey equipment to ensure superior accuracy. We also provide continual communication with our clients and are happy to answer any questions or concerns before, during, and after our work is completed.

Greater Accuracy and Precision with UAV Mapping

One drone flight produces thousands of measurements and can evaluate large plots of land, providing detailed mapping and measurements. Extensive topographic information such as grade breaks and real-time contours are extracted from the captured images along with visual support. Throughout the survey, the technician will continuously check that all incoming results are clear to provide the client with the most accurate data.

Traditional surveying equipment in their cases on a shelf.

What About Traditional Topographical Surveying Equipment?

While conducting an aerial topographic survey is an efficient way to collect data about a property, traditional surveying equipment may be the better choice for your project’s needs. Depending on the project, a surveyor may utilize both modern and more traditional methods and equipment to provide the best results.

The team at Sisemore & Associates utilizes various surveying equipment to produce accurate topographical survey data to create a detailed land map. From UAVs to ground equipment like TopCon Total Stations, our state-of-the-art surveying equipment can capture data from the ground or the air.

Comprehensive Construction Industry Experience From Sisemore & Associates

UAV mapping can be a beneficial tool for various industries in need of a topographical survey. In particular, the field of construction has great need for the increased safety, accuracy, and efficiency provided by UAVs. At Sisemore & Associates, our comprehensive experience in the construction field provides our customers with practical applications and innovative solutions that set them apart from others in their field.

From modern surveying techniques like UAV mapping to more traditional ones, our team would love to help your project succeed. Please reach out to us to get started.