Advantage and Uses of ALTA Surveying Oklahoma

Nov 26, 2022 | Services

If you need a loan to purchase or refinance a property, the lending party will likely require a thorough due diligence process – that is where ALTA surveying Oklahoma services come in. This survey will locate any potential issues and provide useful information on the property that may not be obtained during a title search or boundary survey, ensuring that the investment benefits all parties involved.


The Advantages of ALTA Surveying Tulsa

ALTA surveys yield highly detailed results because the Tulsa surveying technicians follow guidelines established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). The primary advantage of ALTA surveying comes from its specificity. This comprehensive survey will involve:


A Legal Description of the Property

The ALTA surveying Tulsa technician will establish the property’s perimeter based on their measurements and research compared to its legal description in the title commitment. If the descriptions are not the same, this allows the landowner to address issues regarding ownership before it potentially becomes a costly dispute.


Information on Easements and Rights of Way

Evaluating these factors can allow the involved parties to determine whether the easements and rights of way benefit the property or encumber the project. For example, a right of way may impact how the landowner can utilize the property. It is also important to compare any easements listed on the survey with the exceptions in the title commitment.


An Evaluation of Encroachments

If an improvement on a property overlaps with another property, it is considered an “encroachment.” While these are somewhat common, they are essential to consider as they can affect ownership. Some encroachments can be solved by meeting with the neighboring landowner to have them switched to an easement. Others can lead to costly boundary line disputes.


An Assessment of Potential Setbacks

The technician will share information on the property’s zoning and flood zone classifications in the survey. This allows all parties to determine if there are setback violations regarding property improvements. For example, an improvement may be too close to the property line. While some violations have a simple fix, others may require the structure to be removed.


Information on Property Access

While this factor is sometimes overlooked, it is essential to consider – especially during the construction phase. The ALTA survey will provide an overview of the property and the surrounding area, showing possible routes to and from the property. If the area lacks access, it may be necessary to seek out an easement.


The Uses of ALTA Surveying Oklahoma

An ALTA survey is often required when purchasing a vacant property for future development and commercial real estate transactions. Because these transactions can be sizable, the results of this comprehensive survey are often necessary because they will show a lender that their loan is a quality investment.

Partnering with a technician for an ALTA survey also benefits the property owner. The information will ensure that the property is the best option for the potential project while reducing the risk of legal disputes regarding property lines.


Looking for Tulsa Surveying Services?

As with any survey, partnering with the right technician for your ALTA survey is essential to yield the best results. At Sisemore & Associates, our team has the expertise and equipment to get accurate results quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about our services.