ALTA Surveying Oklahoma: Why Landowners Need It the Most

Aug 1, 2022 | Land Surveying

Before purchasing land, starting developments on an already-owned property, or renovating an existing commercial structure, some landowners reach out to an outside party for a loan to assist with the project. These entities may require the results of ALTA surveying Oklahoma services before providing the financial loan to ensure that the transaction is beneficial to all involved parties. Overall, landowners need an ALTA survey because it helps them utilize their property for its intended purpose.


Why Do Lending Entities Require ALTA Surveying Tulsa Results?

Before a landowner purchases or develops their property, they will perform due diligence to ensure that the land has the qualities needed for the project to succeed. If the landowner reaches out to a title company, insurance company, commercial lender, or bank for a loan to help with future projects, the lending entity will likewise require a thorough due diligence process before providing the funds. In many situations, ALTA surveys are part of that process.

Lending entities require the results of this survey because, while conducting an ALTA survey, the technician will determine, describe, and record all of the informative data needed for the lender to issue an American Land Title Association or Extended Coverage Title Insurance Policy. These highly detailed surveys follow strict and standardized guidelines established by the American Land Title Association.


The Benefits of ALTA Surveys

Because these consistent guidelines yield highly detailed results, ALTA surveying Tulsa services can benefit all parties involved. By highlighting information on boundaries and easements, these surveys can prevent potentially costly boundary-related liabilities (such as encroachments and line disputes), which helps the landowner and lending entities. The information also helps landowners and designers by determining if the property will work for the specific project planned, ensuring that the investment is worthwhile.


What Do ALTA Surveying Oklahoma Services Include?

This survey type can be seen as an advancement on boundary surveys; more specifically, the ALTA surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma will incorporate components of title and location surveys. As such, the resulting survey will:

  • Establish the property’s perimeter in relation to its deed.
  • Evaluate every factor of the physical property.
  • Share significant observations and details about the estate.
  • Mark the location of easements and improvements.
  • Show restrictions for zoning and floods, when relevant.


Considering National and Local Requirements

Although there are some methods, techniques, and technologies that survey technicians use for boundary surveys in any location, each state has unique standards and requirements for land surveying. In contrast, ALTA surveys follow national guidelines. This can be beneficial for landowners who own properties in various states in terms of record-keeping, as it ensures that all of the surveys and other records are consistent and cohesive.


Reliable Surveyor Technician in Tulsa Oklahoma

As a leading land surveying firm, the technicians at Sisemore & Associates have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge of the best practices to conduct surveys accurately and efficiently. This allows us to create highly specific and detailed ALTA surveys that will help your project succeed. To learn more about our services, please contact us.