Do I Need a Topographical Survey Tulsa?

Sep 29, 2023 | Land Surveying

The detailed information included in a topographical survey Tulsa is invaluable to the owner of the surveyed property. Through this depiction, property owners are able to learn as much as possible about their land, helping development projects move forward smoothly and preventing potential land grading issues.


What Is Topographical Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma?

During a topographic survey, a technician observes and measures a parcel of land in order to create an accurate map (or “plan”) of the area. The finished survey documents a variety of the land’s attributes, including:

  • The exact corners and boundary lines.
  • All features, both natural and constructed.
  • The terrain and elevation, or “contours.”

The technicians utilize various types of equipment and land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma techniques to ensure that each measurement is precise. This attention to detail at every step contributes to the accuracy of the finished map.


When Do I Need a Topographical Survey Tulsa?

As a property owner, it is very useful to know when you should start searching for a “surveying company near me.” Often, individuals seek out topographical surveying services because they are preparing for a construction project on their parcel of land. This is because when a topographic survey is available:

  • The planning and construction team can gain a solid understanding of how the land looks now.
  • The team can visualize how the property will look once the construction project is completed.
  • They can identify where issues could occur due to slopes, allowing them to avoid potential problems.

As a result, structures are planned more effectively, and issues are resolved before they require costly repairs months or years down the road. If you are unsure whether your project requires these services, here are three specific cases in which you need a topographic survey:


1. You Are Preparing to Develop a Property

Before you construct anything, it is important to understand the layout of the land. When you have a solid understanding of the area’s contours, you can ensure the longevity of the finished structure by making leveling changes, redirecting water flow, or even slightly adjusting the location of the proposed structures.


2. Your Land Is Having Water Flow Issues

Swells and valleys create a natural path for rainwater to flow throughout an area. If these topographical features are not considered before construction occurs, it could lead to soil erosion and water buildup near structures. Because a topographic survey will depict contours, the information can help you find an effective solution.


3. You Need to Meet Zoning Requirements

When adding new structures to a property (whether it is developed or undeveloped), it is essential that all additions comply with local zoning regulations. The information that a technician provides in a topographic survey can be used to ensure that compliance. It can also help when applying for a construction permit.


Looking for a Reliable Surveying Company Near Me?

If you are preparing for your next significant project in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, the expert technicians at Sisemore & Associates can help you make it a success. Please get in touch to learn more about our topographic surveys or to partner with us on your next project.