Does ALTA Surveying Oklahoma Include Topography?

Mar 26, 2022 | Land Surveying

ALTA surveying Oklahoma involves highly specialized and precise surveys that follow the standards set by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. The resulting data provides a title company or lender with the information needed to ensure that a property transaction is worthwhile for all involved parties. As such, it is recommended to work with an ALTA surveying technician before purchasing or selling a commercial property.


What Does ALTA Surveying Tulsa Involve?

ALTA surveys can be thought of as advanced boundary surveys. In addition to defining a property’s boundaries and corners, the Oklahoma surveying technician will locate any improvements or easements related to the property and note their exact locations. Because ALTA surveys are highly precise, the technician will compile various documents and conduct preliminary research, all of which are considered when making the legal description of the property. There are a wide variety of features that are noted on ALTA surveys, including:

  • Aboveground and belowground utility lines.
  • Roads and legal access routes.
  • Zoning restrictions.
  • Flood zone areas.
  • Various buildings and structures.
  • Water boundary lines.
  • Encroachments and easements.

If you are purchasing a commercial property, you are likely interested in further developing and constructing on the land, which requires highly specific knowledge of the property’s topography. While the ALTA surveying Tulsa technician will note the presence of structures and utilities during the survey, there will not be an in-depth study of the property’s topography. As such, a topographic survey may be required before any significant projects on the property can begin.


Benefits of Utilizing both Topographic and ALTA Surveying Oklahoma

Topographic surveys include a focus on the property’s terrain and elevation. During a topographic survey, the technician will locate and define all of the natural and manufactured features of a property. In addition to these features, technicians utilize land contours and spot levels to show elevation changes on topographic maps. The various features that are noted on topographic maps include:

  • Trees and other plants.
  • Buildings.
  • Streets and walkways.
  • Utility poles and gas lines.
  • Manholes.
  • Lakes and wells.
  • Fences.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Valleys and hills.

For the resulting survey to provide as much useful data as possible, the technician will note the specific location, size, depth, and height of each feature. In addition to this, the technician will note any improvements made to the property. By having both an ALTA and topographic survey conducted, you will benefit from the resulting detailed knowledge of your commercial property.


Looking for Quality Oklahoma Surveying Services?

Whether you are in need of an ALTA survey for commercial property transactions, a topographic survey for construction projects, or both, it is essential to work with the right team of technicians. At Sisemore & Associates, you will benefit from our expertise because we have the knowledge, techniques, and equipment to get the accurate results that you need.

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