Features of Oklahoma Land Surveying and GIS Services!

Oct 23, 2022 | Land Surveying

When planning an expansive construction project, partnering with the right civil engineering and land planning Oklahoma firm can ensure that the completed structure is successful. These professionals can assist at every step, from the initial planning phase to the post-construction survey that ensures everything went according to plan. However, surveying is not the only method of studying the land.

Similar to Oklahoma land surveying, GIS services involve accurate methods of topographical study that provide helpful information. However, these services involve different techniques and strategies, yielding different results based on unique scopes of precision.


Oklahoma Land Surveying and GIS Services

Understanding Land Surveying Tulsa

During a land survey, a technician uses a combination of record evaluation and field research to describe, define, and map out a plot of land. This accurate map often includes the property’s boundaries, along with any natural and manufactured features. There are various types of land surveys, ensuring that projects get the specific results that they need. Some of the most frequently conducted land surveying types include:

  • Boundary.
  • Topographical.
  • ALTA.
  • Site planning.
  • Location.
  • Construction.
  • Subdivision.


Understanding GIS Services

For some projects, the planning and construction entities use GIS services in addition to utilizing the results of the land survey. Because these methods involve the use of Geographic Information Systems, the professionals can provide information that is not always found in land surveys. For example, GIS professionals can assist when developing simulations for seismic hazards and can help with natural resource management.


Service Scopes of Precision

Land surveying Tulsa and GIS services are known for being incredibly precise; however, the professionals focus that precision in different areas. A land survey will provide highly accurate information and measurements regarding where one feature is in relation to other features. In contrast, GIS can provide accurate measurements regarding the location of individual topographical features.

Depending on the scope and scale of a project, those in charge of design and construction may meet with both surveying and GIS professionals. As both services provide accurate information with different focuses, combining the results can provide a highly comprehensive overview of the land.

Of course, it is not always necessary to utilize both services. The land surveying industry is constantly growing and improving its techniques, strategies, and technology – all of which increase the accuracy and efficiency of the surveys. When you partner with an experienced firm before you start working on an expansive project, your survey will surely provide the results you need.


Civil Engineering and Land Planning Oklahoma Professionals

The team at Sisemore & Associates has been dedicated to providing dependable and accurate land surveying and civil engineering services since our establishment in 1995. This professional experience, in combination with our innovation and state-of-the-art equipment, has made us one of the top civil engineering and land surveying firms in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.

Before construction begins on your next significant project, get in touch with our team. Our technology, knowledge, and expertise will ensure that you get the accurate results that your project needs to succeed.