How Does Tulsa Surveying Work?

Sep 26, 2023 | Land Surveying

Tulsa surveying services are a key part of many projects; in fact, almost every property development and civil engineering project begins with a land survey. For these services, a technician uses advanced equipment and a knowledge of mathematics, engineering, and law to measure a plot of land.

The resulting data is utilized to create an accurate map of a property. This map has a variety of purposes; for example, it can guide the land development process by ensuring all new structures stay within the property’s boundaries. Construction professionals also use these to determine the appropriate depth for a new building’s foundation.

You may already know the uses and benefits of quality land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma services. However, you may not yet know how surveying “works.” Here are a few things to know.


How Tulsa Surveying Works

Each surveying technique is conducted with a specific end goal in mind, such as locating a property’s edges with a boundary survey or using an as-built survey to ensure that a construction project was built according to plan. As a result, there are many variations in the surveying process. However, there are some things every survey has in common:

  • The technician meets with the client to determine the project’s scope, scale, and needs.
  • The technician conducts thorough research and collects all essential field information.
  • The technician locates and defines the land’s boundaries, infrastructure, and topography.
  • The technician calculates all field parameters and may create additional parameters.
  • The technician uses this data to make a map depicting the parcel on a horizontal plane.

Overall, surveying “works” because the technician has the equipment needed to make substantial measurements and the expertise to convert the resulting data into usable information that can guide a project toward success.


Equipment Utilized in Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma Services

Technicians use many different tools throughout the surveying process, including:


Total Stations

The most recognizable surveying tool is the total station; these may also be called “theodolites.” Total stations measure the horizontal and vertical angles between various points. They can also measure distances. By combining that data, technicians can triangulate the exact locations of points. With modern surveying technology advances, those triangulations do not have to be done in the field. Onboard computers can make the calculations and record the data for later use, helping the entire process move more smoothly and efficiently.


Measuring Tools

Technicians use various equipment types to make accurate measurements. To determine the exact distances between points, they may utilize laser devices, chains, tapes, or rulers (depending on distance and terrain). Those distances may also be measured by the total station. Technicians often use levels to read elevations and determine if there are elevation differences between two or more points; levels may be optical, handheld, or digital. Clinometers are used to measure the angle or elevation of slopes.


GPS Survey Tulsa

Accurate data is essential to the success of any survey, which is why many technicians recommend GPS survey Tulsa services. During these surveys, satellites that are part of the Global Positioning System communicate with ground-based receivers, providing precise measurements faster than possible through some traditional methods. This equipment also allows technicians to bypass some constraints faced by other equipment types; for example, the GPS stations can be installed at greater distances from each other.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Many technicians also recommend drone surveys. These land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma services involve Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which can quickly and efficiently measure a property. This equipment is especially beneficial when the parcel of land is vast or has rough terrain. The technician can use the drone to produce thousands of precise measurements during a single flight. It will also provide extensive information on the land’s topography, including data on grade breaks and contours.


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