How Long Is an ALTA Survey Good For?

Feb 20, 2022 | Land Surveying

ALTA surveying Tulsa services are used to provide title companies or lenders with the survey data and information needed to issue American Land Title Association or Extended Coverage Title Insurance policies. These highly comprehensive surveys are conducted to create detailed overviews of a property, in which the technician:

  • Defines the property boundaries in relation to the deed.
  • Describes all of the utilities and improvements.
  • Lists any significant observations about the property.
  • Notes any easements cited in the title commitment.

ALTA surveying Oklahoma services are often required for commercial real estate transactions and when purchasing vacant plots of land, especially when this is done for development purposes. Because the data from these comprehensive maps are so important, it is essential that the information is up-to-date.


How Long Is ALTA Surveying Oklahoma Data Good?

There is no specific expiration date on an ALTA survey. However, as with any other Oklahoma surveying project, just because there is already an available ALTA survey of a property does not mean that a new one is not necessary. For example, the previous survey may not include new structures, or the technology that was utilized is not as advanced and accurate as modern surveying methods.

In general, if a property underwent any change between the current time and its previous survey, a new ALTA survey should be conducted. Having this up-to-date information is highly useful for a variety of projects involving commercial real estate transactions and when purchasing vacant properties, as it can help you determine whether the property is ideal for your project or business.


How ALTA Surveying Tulsa Services Help Your Project Succeed

With the useful information that your design and construction team can gather from an updated ALTA survey, your project is able to move forward on an efficient timeline. Because this surveying service is so comprehensive, the information it provides can be thought of as a combination of title surveys, boundary surveys, and location surveys:

  • Title surveys, because ALTA surveying involves an evaluation of the many factors that affect a property’s ownership, boundaries, and easements.
  • Boundary surveys, because the technician will establish the property’s legal perimeters in relation to what is listed on the deed.
  • Location surveys, because ALTA surveying technicians will mark the locations of a property’s improvements in relation to its boundaries.

Knowing all of this information, along with the additional data that the technician will determine during your ALTA survey, will help prevent any potential issues that could affect your projects, such as those regarding ownership, boundaries, and encroachments. Of course, it is essential to work with the right team of technicians to ensure that your survey is as accurate as possible.


Quality ALTA Oklahoma Surveying Services

At Sisemore & Associates, our team of experienced survey technicians has the skills and equipment to efficiently and accurately conduct ALTA surveys. To learn more about our accurate surveying services and to work with the Sisemore & Associates team on your next project, get in touch. We are ready to help make your next major project a success.