How to Find a Surveying Company Near Me

Nov 25, 2023 | Land Surveying

The process of purchasing land, developing a property, and completing other such significant projects requires an investment of time and resources. The information provided in a land survey can guide these projects to success; as such, it is essential to partner with the right surveying company near me.


How to Find Surveying Companies in Your Area

As with selecting a provider for land planning, civil engineering Tulsa Oklahoma, or any other important service, there are many ways that you can find a potential surveying company. Three of the most effective methods of finding a firm are:

  • Reviewing online directories of surveying firms. These will provide you with the locations, contact information, license numbers, and more for firms and surveyors on a local, state, or national level.
  • Conducting general online research. For more information on a potential firm’s practices, you may look through additional online platforms, such as search engines, social media pages, and the like.
  • Asking others for their recommendations. If you know other professionals who have worked with a surveying company before, consider asking what firm they partnered with and their opinion on it.

Through this research, you can find surveying companies that provide services in your area. You can also learn what to expect from them in terms of customer service, project timelines, additional services, and overall survey accuracy.


How to Choose the Right Surveying Company

Of course, in addition to simply finding a surveying firm, you must first determine whether they are right for you. Before moving forward with a potential company, you should consider:


If They Are Fully Certified in Your State

To successfully conduct a land survey, one must have an in-depth understanding of mathematics, physics, engineering, and law. The technician that you partner with should have the years of education and experience required to accurately and efficiently conduct land surveys. As such, a fully licensed technician must conduct every aspect of your survey.

Depending on your project, it may be worthwhile to partner with a CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma technician. These professionals have earned the distinction of “Certified Federal Surveyors” by completing the training and testing required to conduct surveys at the highest degree of accuracy. If your project is on behalf of a federal agency, tribe, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs, you will likely need to partner with a CFedS technician.


The Quality of Their References and Reviews

If land owners, project managers, and other clients consistently have good experiences with a land surveying firm, that firm will openly share that information. As such, before partnering with a surveying company near me, look into their reviews and references to see what you can expect from working with them. If that information is particularly hard to find, it could be a bad sign.

It is also recommended to review their portfolio. In addition to helping you determine whether they have experience with your specific type of project, it can help you find out what to expect from them regarding their quality of work. A surveying firm’s portfolio can often be found on its website.


What You Can Expect from the Firm

After completing a survey, the technician will compile all of the information and then share that documentation with their clients. With the right firm, you can expect much more from the experience. These reliable professionals will be ready to partner with you throughout every stage of the process – from the initial planning phase to the final as-built survey. This collaboration will contribute to the project’s success.

If a firm is worth partnering with on one aspect of your project, consider collaborating with them on more steps, if possible. When choosing your surveying company, consider whether they offer additional services like land planning and civil engineering Tulsa Oklahoma. This will help ensure that your project benefits from the firm’s expertise at every stage.


Looking for a Surveying Company Near Me?

The survey technicians, land planners, and civil engineers at Sisemore & Associates are prepared to help your next significant project succeed! To learn more about our services or to meet with a CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma technician, please contact us.