How to Hire the Right Oklahoma Surveyor Technician

Mar 30, 2023 | Land Surveying

Whether you require a boundary survey before construction begins or an as-built survey to determine that everything was constructed correctly, partnering with an experienced Oklahoma surveyor technician can ensure the success of your next significant project. The right technician can guide your project from design through completion, so it is essential to know what to look for before you hire one.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a “surveying company near me.” In addition to the cost and the firm’s proximity to your worksite, you must determine whether they can provide the desired results and the level of service your project deserves.


Before Hiring an Oklahoma Surveyor Technician:


Seek Technician Recommendations from Other Professionals

While researching online or even in a phonebook can help you find technicians in your area, getting recommendations from other professionals can guide your search in the right direction. If possible, ask individuals who have worked with Oklahoma surveying technicians on a project similar to the one you are planning. Additionally, consider contacting county recorders, county assessors, and title companies.


Look Into the Surveying Firm’s Experience and Certifications

Whether your project has yet to begin or it requires a post-construction review, it deserves the work of an Oklahoma surveyor technician who provides accurate results in an efficient and timely manner. As such, it is important to consider the work of a firm as a whole in addition to the certifications of the technicians there. In most cases, this information should be easy to find. If a firm is hesitant to share information on its experience and licensing, it could mean that its services will not meet the standard you need.


Review Customer Service Experiences from Previous Clients

Reviews are a useful asset when hiring a surveyor, especially if you were unable to get recommendations from other professionals. In addition to browsing a surveying firm’s website, look them up on social media and search engines. This search will show you honest customer reviews that detail the positive and negative experiences that other business owners and project managers had with your potential surveyor technician.


Investigate the Oklahoma Surveying Services They Provide

Before hiring a professional for any service, it is essential to determine if they provide the specific services you require. This is especially important when hiring a surveying technician, as there are many types of land surveys, including:

  • Boundary
  • Topography
  • GPS control
  • As-built

You may also need to determine whether they utilize the right surveying equipment and methods. For example, your project may require 3D laser scanning, GPS technology, and UAV mapping to provide the results you need. In other cases, an area’s topography could mean that a drone is required to conduct the survey, meaning that your technician should also be a certified drone pilot.


Meet with the Technician to Determine If They Are the Right Fit

Once you have received recommendations from professionals and personal research and investigated the firm’s experience, certifications, and services, you may find a technician who will provide the right level of service for your project. At this point, contact the firm to get to know the team there. The professionals should be able to discuss your project and advise you on the next steps, allowing you to hire a technician and start your project.


Looking for a Surveying Company Near Me?

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