How to Locate Property Lines with Oklahoma Land Surveying

Apr 3, 2023 | Land Surveying

As a property owner, you likely have an accurate estimate of where your property begins and ends. If you plan to sell, buy, redevelop, or even make minor improvements to a property, knowing the exact corners and boundaries of the land is essential. In these cases, consider meeting with an Oklahoma land surveying technician to locate your property lines.

A property line clearly defines the legal boundaries of a plot of land. These are often recognizable physical features, such as fences, roads, and ditches. However, the lines may be entirely unseen and marked only on maps and surveys. This information has many uses; for example, understanding your property lines can help with:

  • Mortgages. A title insurance company or lender will need to verify the property lines to help you qualify for a mortgage.
  • Construction. Knowing exactly where your property starts and stops will reduce the risk of accidental encroachments.
  • Disputes. With clearly defined boundary lines, you can avoid disagreements that could become costly legal disputes.


How to Identify Your Property Lines


Review Available Documentation

As a property owner, you should already have information on your land’s legal boundaries. As such, if you need to know your property lines, your first step should be to read your deed. You can also find information on your property lines (and the boundaries of surrounding properties) by reviewing a plat map for your neighborhood or a small area around your land.


Review Past Survey Information

Your property has likely been surveyed before; the land’s corners and boundaries will be listed on the resulting survey map. You may also be able to locate the physical remainders of previous surveys, such as:

  • Survey pins. Technicians mark the corners of properties with these buried metal poles. These are often ten inches below the surface.
  • Survey markers. A metal cap sticking out of the ground may mark the buried pins. Technicians may also leave flags or poles.

If you plan to locate property lines through pins and markers, you should not go outside and start digging. To ensure personal safety and prevent unnecessary property damage, make sure that you know the location of buried wires, irrigation systems, and utility lines.


Oklahoma Land Surveying

If your property is lined with a fence and you have a previous survey map available, you may assume you do not need to meet with an Oklahoma GPS surveying technician to define your property lines. However, as with many aspects of land ownership, the subject of legally defined boundaries can be fairly complicated.

Professional surveyors have the expertise and technology to conduct a boundary survey efficiently. To provide results at the highest level of accuracy, they may utilize equipment that is not available to the average homeowner, such as GPS survey Tulsa technology. Additionally, if a legal dispute arises, the results of a professional survey will carry much more weight than a DIY property line review.


How Surveying Technicians Define Property Lines

A land surveying technician will conduct a boundary survey to clearly define where a property begins and ends. These professionals will thoroughly research all available documentation about a property to learn its legally listed boundaries. Technicians will also determine if there are any legal changes to the boundaries not listed on the deed or in plat maps.

Following this research, the surveyor will visit the property to make precise measurements. The techniques and equipment utilized will depend on the land’s topography and the size of the property as a whole; for example, the technician may conduct a GPS survey Tulsa or utilize drones.

The initial research and in-person property review information will be combined into an accurate survey map. These professionals may also recommend additional services to assist with future projects, such as a topographical or ALTA survey.


Reliable Oklahoma GPS Surveying Services

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