What is the Importance of Land Tulsa Surveying to an Architect?

May 29, 2021 | Construction Layout

Although Oklahoma land surveying and architecture are very different in many ways, the two are tied very closely together when it comes to creating a structure. Before beginning a major construction project on a property, there is much more to the initial planning process than designing the perfect structure, acquiring the needed materials, and getting the correct permits in order.

Before the construction process can begin and the architect’s vision can be realized, every involved party needs to be entirely sure that the property is capable of holding the structure. As such, the project’s land surveying Tulsa technician is an essential part of the design process and a significant partner to the architect.


Determining Feasibility through Tulsa Surveying

It is essential to know every detail of the property to ensure that it can hold the structure before construction begins. These details include:

  • The qualities of the terrain
  • Whether there are any structures or large plants in the build-zone
  • If there are any significant concerns in regard to water flow
  • Whether the soil is capable of handling the structure’s weight

Once all of this essential information is determined by the Oklahoma land surveying technician, they present the information to the architect. This allows for all essential details to be directly incorporated into the design process.


Defining Boundaries through Land Surveying Tulsa

In addition to conforming to what the property physically requires, the structure must also conform to all local planning requirements. This means that the structure must likely be placed within specific boundaries. Depending on the situation, the structure may be required to lie within a certain distance from these boundaries.

A significant portion of a surveyor’s work involves determining the location of property boundaries, making them essential to this part of the project’s success. The planning body may require a survey that determines where the structure can sit within the boundaries before issuing a building permit.

When you are designing a hotel, turnpike, business center, or any other major project, you need the best Tulsa surveying services to ensure that it is a success. Contact Sisemore & Associates to learn more.