Is CFedS Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma a Worthwhile Investment?

Dec 22, 2023 | Land Surveying

To provide a survey that guides your project to successful completion, your technician must be accurate and efficient when measuring the land, reviewing existing data, and creating the final map. Depending on where the project is located and the group or entity you represent, there may be unique specifications for your project that must be met. As such, investing in CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma could be worthwhile.


When to Invest in CFedS Tulsa Surveying Services

CFedS services are conducted by technicians who have earned the distinction of “Certified Federal Surveyor.” This is accomplished by completing the certification process established by the Bureau of Land Management’s Cadastral Survey Program. The primary purpose of this program is to provide a roster of qualified, licensed surveying professionals to:

  • American Indian and Alaska Native landowners.
  • Tribes and corporations.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).
  • Federal agencies administering lands adjoining to American Indian or Alaska Native lands.

This roster is useful because American Indian and Alaska Native lands have unique surveying needs due to various cultural and jurisdictional considerations. Through the CFedS program, technicians gain a thorough understanding of those specifications. They also ensure that all surveys conducted on these lands are performed according to the BLM’s established standards. As such, it is worthwhile collaborating with a CFedS surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma if you or your project are in one of the above groups.


The CFedS Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma Certification Process

According to their standards of conduct in the Certified Federal Surveyor Program Standards of Practice Handbook, a CFedS technician must recognize their responsibility toward:

  • The protection of tribal, individual Indian, Alaska Native Corporations, and Alaska Native interests.
  • The protection of the public trust.
  • The advancement of the integrity, honor, and dignity of the Certified Federal Surveyor program.

There are currently over 500 Certified Federal Surveyors across the United States, all listed on an official roster. The CFedS program has a strict range of requirements that must be met for a technician to apply for, earn, and keep their certification.


Who Is Eligible to Become a CFedS Surveying Technician?

In order to apply for the Certified Federal Surveyor program, an individual must:

  • Be registered/licensed to conduct surveys in at least one state, territory, or the District of Columbia.
  • Have had no disciplinary actions within the last 5 years that resulted in the loss of surveying privileges.

If the Tulsa surveying technician meets those requirements, they can then apply for the program.


How Does a Tulsa Surveying Technician Become a CFedS?

To become a CFedS surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma, an applicant must:

  • Register for the program in order to access its training and testing.
  • Complete approximately 160 hours of distance-learning training courses.
  • Successfully pass the six-and-one-half hour Certification Examination.

Each applicant has up to two years or three attempts to pass the exam and earn a place on the CFedS roster.


How Do Technicians Stay on the CFedS Roster Over Time?

To keep providing CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma services, a technician must:

  • Complete annual advanced continuing education modules.
  • Renew their CFedS certification on a biannual basis.

This process ensures technicians can always provide services that meet the unique needs of their projects.

The ongoing work and advanced surveying knowledge that is required to earn and maintain a CFedS certification ensures that these services are a worthwhile investment. This is especially so if a project involves work on or adjoining American Indian or Alaska Native lands.


Collaborate with an Experienced Surveyor Technician in Tulsa Oklahoma

If you are seeking qualified surveying services in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, consider partnering with Sisemore & Associates. Our licensed surveyor technicians have decades of experience with a variety of surveying services, including (but not limited to) boundary, ALTA, and as-built. By collaborating with your team and our civil engineering and land planning departments throughout the process, we can guide your next significant project to successful completion.

To learn more about collaborating with Sisemore & Associates, please contact us.