Myths and Misconceptions about Land Surveying Tulsa

Jan 23, 2022 | Land Surveying

Land surveying Tulsa has an essential role for anything from small land planning projects to major Oklahoma civil engineering projects. Although they are needed frequently, their importance is not always fully understood. Before you research “surveying company near me,” learning the truth behind the myths and misconceptions about land surveying can help you understand why surveys are so essential.


Myth: Because I Am Building on My Own Property, I Do Not Need Land Surveying Tulsa

Even the smallest construction projects can take a lot of work. You do not want to put in hours, days, or months of work only to later tear down the entire project due to an encroachment on a neighboring property. A survey will determine whether your property lines are correct to prevent any issues related to land ownership. Additionally, a survey will help you comply with county and state guidelines regarding building codes and property line laws.


Myth: All Surveys of Similar-Sized Properties will Cost the Same Amount

The cost of a survey is not a standard rate. Similar-sized properties will not have the exact same survey cost. Additionally, surveys on larger properties do not always cost more than surveys on smaller ones. The price of the project relies significantly on its complexity. A surveying firm will consider several factors, including the:

  • Topography and visibility.
  • Existing markers and monuments in the field.
  • Presence of obstacles (such as fences or structures).
  • Existence of previous surveys and their quality.
  • Date that the land was partitioned.


Myth: My Property Was Already Surveyed, So I Do Not Need Another One

While it is always helpful to have a previous survey on-hand, there are many situations where you may need a new one. For example, up-to-date surveys are useful when:

  • Purchasing a property with existing structures.
  • Selling your property to a new owner.
  • Splitting up a property into smaller lots.

All properties change over time. Older survey maps may not show line changes caused by easements or topographical changes from new structures. Additionally, permit and building code requirements change frequently.


Myth: I Do Not Need a Survey Because My Property Has a Fence

Although fences mark a property’s general edges, they should be seen as an estimate, not an exact measurement. This is especially important to keep in mind if the fence is old or constructed by the property’s previous owner. Because the fence may represent outdated lines, it is always best to have a new survey conducted.


Myth: I Can Work With Any Land Surveying Company Near Me and Get the Same Results

For any project, it is important to work with the right team for the job. As such, it is best to not select a firm based solely on price. For your survey and the resulting project to be a long-term success, the firm you choose should have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to conduct surveys accurately, quickly, and efficiently.


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