The Importance of Land Surveying Tulsa for Construction Staking

Jun 26, 2022 | Land Surveying

To ensure the success of a significant construction project, everyone involved in planning the project must have as much information on the land as possible; as such, land surveying Tulsa services are a key part of the designing and building processes. A surveying technician will provide essential information on the property’s features, such as the boundaries and topography. The technician will likely also conduct construction staking, which provides data that is vital to a construction project’s success.


What Does Construction Staking Involve?

Construction staking, also referred to as site layout surveying, is done to ensure that a project is built according to a designer’s or engineer’s plans. During the survey, the Tulsa surveying technician will mark the locations of any proposed new structures, such as buildings, roads, utility systems, and fences.

The specific needs of the project determine how precise the Oklahoma land surveying technician will be while staking. Rough grade staking is conducted to map the general location of future improvements. Site layout surveys are extremely accurate as they are utilized for construction processes.


Understanding the Role of Site Layout Land Surveying Tulsa

What Is the Importance of Construction Staking?

Construction staking is a key step of the designing and building process for a reason. When an experienced and knowledgeable survey technician provides construction staking services, the accurate results will ensure that:

  • The project is completed on budget.
  • Every construction step is done on time.
  • The structures are free from errors.

It is within the best interest of the developers or contractors to work with reliable land surveying services. Additionally, construction staking has benefits for designers and engineers, as the collected data can assist with project planning.


When Is Construction Site Layout Tulsa Surveying Needed?

The accurate results that come from construction staking services are useful for a wide range of building projects. For example, at Sisemore & Associates, our team of technicians is experienced and skilled in site layout surveys to assist in the construction of:

  • Bridges, roads, and rights-of-ways.
  • Building layouts, including foundations and column lines for piers.
  • Gutter and curb locations for street and parking construction.
  • Utility lines, such as sanitary sewers and storm drains.

In addition to these, our firm is experienced in creating survey GPS control networks for machine control sites, conducting as-built surveys to ensure engineering and design compliance, and determining final grading for ADA cross slopes and critical drainage areas.


Accurate Oklahoma Land Surveying Services

Because the data from a site layout survey has such a significant impact on a construction project’s success, it is essential to partner with the right surveying firm. At Sisemore & Associates, our technicians have the expertise and equipment to efficiently provide these services and yield accurate results. We continuously coordinate with developers, contractors, and site superintendents to keep projects on time and budget.

To learn more about our services or to work with Sisemore & Associates on your next significant construction project, please contact us. As one of the top surveying firms in the Tulsa metropolitan area, we will help make your project a success.