Tools and Equipment Used in Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma

May 30, 2023 | Land Surveying

Land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma services are essential to any significant construction project. By utilizing the right tools and contributing their knowledge of math, engineering, physics, and law, surveyor technicians are able to create highly accurate maps that describe everything you need to know about your property.

If you have not partnered with a technician before, you may want to learn more about how a “surveying company near me” will conduct your survey. Technicians use various tools to ensure that each survey is conducted accurately, efficiently, and safely.


Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma Includes the Use Of:

Measurement Tools

Surveyors utilize precise tools when measuring properties. Depending on the specific area, a surveyor may use tapes, chains, rulers, or laser devices. Each instrument has a different role. For example, a pocket tape measure can help with small-scale measurements, while a fiberglass tape measure is better for larger distances.


Transits and Theodolites

Technicians measure both horizontal and vertical angles while surveying a property. Two tools that can make those measurements are transits and theodolites. Both equipment types are highly precise, with a minimum accuracy of one minute of angle.



While this tool can seem like it has a minor role, it has a significant impact on the success of a survey. Compasses help surveyors navigate unfamiliar territory and pinpoint their locations on a map. These can also be used to determine the distance between two points.


Clinometers and Levels

These are also essential parts of the surveying process. A clinometer is used to measure the elevation or angle of slopes. Handheld, optical, and digital levels are all used to read elevations and determine whether there is a difference in elevation between two points.


Mounting Equipment

Even the best tools can provide inaccurate results if the mount is unstable. As such, professional surveyors invest in the highest quality tripods, poles, and other mounting accessories. By providing a solid and stable base for any measurement tools, the surveyor can ensure that the results will be as precise as possible.


GPS Survey Tulsa Equipment

Many surveying technicians use GPS technology because it helps them efficiently calculate distances, heights, latitudes, and longitudes. There are various types of GPS surveying equipment; the specific tools utilized will vary based on the particular survey method.


Drone Surveying Equipment

If your project is over a large plot of land, you may require UAV mapping services. For this, a survey technician will use drone technology to quickly and efficiently measure the property. During a single flight, the drone can produce thousands of accurate measurements.


Prism Systems

Surveyors use prisms and reflectors to secure control points; this point is the foundation for the entire survey, so it must be accurate. A prism system will help the survey technician set the control points at a comfortable and accessible height, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.


Magnetic Locators

Land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma technicians utilize tools that can boost project efficiency. One such type of equipment is a magnetic locator. This tool can quickly and precisely locate utility covers, iron pipes, survey corner markers, and other features made of steel, iron, and rebar.


Safety Considerations

There are various practices used to ensure that a survey is conducted safely. For example, if an area is too precarious to survey through more traditional methods, GPS survey Tulsa equipment and drones may be utilized instead. Additionally, technicians wear high-visibility gear and safety headwear when surveying an area.


Looking for a Surveying Company Near Me?

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