Tulsa Surveying Guide: Choosing the Right Service for Your Project

Aug 29, 2023 | Land Surveying

Through Tulsa surveying services, you can get an accurate depiction and legal description of your property. The resulting data can guide your next significant project to success. Of course, every project is different, so choosing the right type of surveying service is important.


Choosing the Right Tulsa Surveying Type for Your Project

Your project may benefit the most from one of the following surveying techniques:


Boundary Surveys

This survey is conducted to locate a property’s corners and boundary lines. The technician may also find encroachments and easement lines. Boundary surveys are most often needed when someone is preparing to purchase, divide, develop, or otherwise improve a property.


Topographic Surveys

A technician locates and creates a map of a property’s features. This includes natural features (like streams) and manufactured additions (like buildings). Topographic surveys are often a key part of real estate transactions, civil engineering designs, and construction projects.


ALTA Land Titles

This service includes a range of measurements and research. The technician will survey the land, locate easements, describe encroachments, and more. You likely need an ALTA survey if you are seeking a loan to purchase or refinance a property, as it is often part of due diligence.


As-Built Surveys

A technician will conduct this survey after a significant construction project is complete. The data collected can be used to determine whether the entire process followed the design plans. An as-built survey is often needed before the finished structure can be utilized.


Additional Surveying Types

There are many more types of surveys with specialized purposes. As such, a technician may recommend one of the following services:

  • Horizontal and vertical control.
  • Highway and bridge surveys.
  • Quantity and volumetric surveys.
  • Right of Way (ROW) mapping.
  • Utility detection surveys.
  • Wetland and critical area surveys.


Considering the Surveying Techniques and Equipment

Based on the needs of your project, a technician may utilize one of the following surveying equipment types to ensure you get the best possible results:


GPS Survey Tulsa

This technique involves the use of the Global Positioning System. The technology allows technicians to quickly and efficiently make measurements at a high degree of accuracy. A GPS survey Tulsa is useful when you need accurate surveys in a relatively short timeframe.


Drone Surveys

For this, the technician will utilize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. UAVs can quickly take thousands of measurements. A drone survey is useful when an area needs to be measured efficiently, but the terrain or size can make a land-based survey difficult or time-consuming.


3D Laser Scanning

This equipment is used to create 3-dimensional data of a property’s conditions. The technicians can measure structures of various sizes without any physical contact. 3D laser scanning technology can be used to make accurate 3D models, 2D drawings, and more.


Additional Services that May Benefit Your Project

Depending on your project, it could be helpful to partner with a planning and design team:


Land Planning

Partnering with a professional land planning staff can ensure that your commercial, residential, or industrial project moves forward as smoothly as possible. These professionals can provide guidance throughout the project’s preparation, zoning, development, and more.


Civil Engineering Tulsa Oklahoma

For projects of significant scope and scale, it can be highly beneficial to collaborate with a civil engineering and planning design team. These experts can provide complete designs for a range of commercial and residential projects, such as building construction or subdivisions.


Partnering with Sisemore & Associates

The experienced land surveying and civil engineering Tulsa Oklahoma professionals at Sisemore & Associates are prepared to guide your project to success. Please contact our team to learn more about our services.