Understanding Property Benchmarks in a Topographical Survey Tulsa

Aug 25, 2022 | Land Surveying

If you are preparing to expand a structure, develop a housing community, or work on any other significant project, having a topographical survey Tulsa conducted is an integral part of the process. Because these services are so extensive, considering the information that the survey technician determines can ensure that the project is an overall success.

The process of conducting an Oklahoma topographical survey that provides accurate results requires a high level of attention to detail. When visiting the property to begin the survey, the technician will:

  • Depict the natural and artificial features.
  • List any improvements on the property.
  • Define the elevations within the area.

Depending on the planned project, the elevation changes (represented by contour lines) may be the most important data shared by the survey. In order to accurately mark those shifts and their slopes, the technician will utilize property benchmarks.


Property Benchmarks and Oklahoma Topographical Surveys

Each measurement and factor considered in a survey will contribute to its accuracy and usefulness. One especially significant element is the property benchmarks, which can be seen as the basis of every topographic survey. A property benchmark is a permanent fixture on the property, such as an Oklahoma surveying monument or large boulder, that is used for vertical data collection.


Determining Topographical Survey Tulsa Elevations

Depending on the specific project and what the technician determines to be required, the property benchmark may be given an arbitrary vertical baseline, or its assessment may be based on its exact height above sea level. These metrics are called “assigned elevation” and “actual elevation.” For use in topographical surveys:

  • Assigned elevations are chosen by the surveyor. For example, it may be 50 or 100 feet above sea level. Once the property benchmark’s elevation is established, the elevation of everything else in the survey is shown in relationship to the benchmark’s elevation.
  • Actual elevations are set by state plane coordinates, GPS technology, or sometimes FEMA benchmarks. When this is used, the property benchmark’s elevation is its exact number of feet above sea level, with everything else also listing its true elevation compared to sea level.

For many smaller projects, assigned elevation provides adequate elevation information. If the survey is needed for an expansive project or something like a municipal building, it is often best to utilize the actual elevation of the property benchmark.


Experienced and Reliable Oklahoma Surveying Services

While it is essential to understand the data shared in your topographical survey, it is equally important to select the right surveying firm to partner with. When you work with an experienced and reliable team who utilizes the best technology and effective surveying techniques, you can better ensure that the data will be accurate.

As one of the top land surveying firms in the Tulsa Metropolitan area, Sisemore & Associates can accurately and efficiently conduct a topographical survey that provides you with all of the needed information for your next significant engineering, architectural, construction, or government-related project to be a success. Please contact us to learn more about our surveying services.