What Are the Types of Civil Engineering Tulsa Oklahoma?

Apr 26, 2023 | Civil Engineer

Civil engineering Tulsa Oklahoma involves the construction, maintenance, and remodeling of significant structures or systems. Because this industry encompasses a wide range of potential projects, various subdivisions fit under the larger umbrella of “civil engineering.” Each type involves unique techniques, equipment, and strategies to provide results that meet a specific purpose.


Understanding the Types of Civil Engineering Tulsa Oklahoma

Before partnering with a firm on a project, it is essential to determine whether the team can provide the engineering and land planning Oklahoma services that your project requires. While there are many subdivisions of civil engineering, some of the most frequently needed services include:



This branch involves the design of structures and structural analysis. Structural civil engineers design and analyze structures that can resist stress and force while safely bearing loads. In addition to meeting project specifications, the designs must meet safety standards and be capable of withstanding harsh conditions.



This type of civil engineering is required when a district, county, or large private entity needs to balance cost and construction impacts while completing a project within an effective timeframe. Municipal engineers help plan, design, and construct various projects, such as sewer systems, utility lines, and infrastructure.



This branch involves the planning and managing of transportation facilities, ranging from pedestrian pathways to major freeway interchanges, and everything in between. Transportation civil engineers ensure that these facilities are safe and convenient while remaining economically viable and environmentally sound.


Water Resource

This type of civil engineering encompasses the planning, designing, and management of water supply and wastewater systems. Water engineers ensure that their systems provide drinking water that is safe for the public. Wastewater engineers ensure that discharged water does not negatively affect the environment.



This branch involves identifying potential environmental impacts of projects and suggesting methods to eliminate or mitigate any adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Environmental civil engineers consider noise impacts, cultural resources, air quality, the socio-economic impact of projects, and more.


Before Hiring an Engineering and Land Planning Oklahoma Firm

In addition to considering the branches of civil engineering that a firm specializes in, it can be useful to look into any other services it provides. Because these projects are so expansive, knowing as much as possible about the land and the surrounding properties is essential before the project begins. As such, partnering with a firm that has experienced Tulsa surveying technicians on staff is worthwhile.


Your Civil Engineering and Tulsa Surveying Team

With over two decades of experience, Sisemore & Associates is widely recognized as a top surveying and civil engineering firm in the Tulsa metropolitan area. In addition to our various surveying services, our team includes an experienced engineering and land planning staff. We specialize in a range of projects, including:

  • The planning, platting, design, and development of residential subdivisions.
  • Site planning and development for commercial projects in various industries.
  • Surveying, planning, and designing significant facilities for different campuses.
  • The engineering and planning of wastewater, utilities, and pavement systems.

Our goal with each project is to understand each client’s needs and objectives to successfully produce well-conceived and strategically integrated working drawings and documents. Contact Sisemore & Associates to collaborate with our team on your next significant project.