What Are the Types of Topographical Survey Tulsa?

Apr 21, 2022 | Services

During a topographical survey Tulsa, a technician locates and depicts all of the natural and artificial features on a property, lists any improvements, and defines the elevations within the area. Because this survey type covers such a broad range of topics, it is often further organized into specific types of surveys.


The Types of Oklahoma Topographical Surveys

While there are various types of topographic surveys, many Tulsa surveying firms will offer a “topographic survey.” This refers to a survey where the technician defines all of a property’s features and measures elevation points to present them as contour lines. In addition to this, some of the most frequently conducted types of topographic surveys are:

  • As-built: once a significant construction project is completed, a technician will evaluate it to determine if it follows the initial design plans.
  • Boundary: a technician determines and redefines a property’s corners and boundaries according to its legal description.
  • Control: to facilitate future surveys, a technician establishes reference points to use as starting positions.
  • Construction: also known as engineering surveying, a technician conducts topographic, layout, and as-built surveys for construction.
  • Hydrographic: a technician maps out a body of water’s bed and shoreline for engineering, navigation, or resource management.
  • Measured: a technician creates building plans for renovations, commercial purposes, and other projects.
  • Subdivision: a type of boundary survey where a technician divides one property into two or more lots.

Additional Oklahoma topographical survey types include deformation, dimensional control, leveling, LOMA, mining, mortgage, photographic control, layout, structural, existing conditions, and underwater.


Uses of a Topographical Survey Tulsa

Because there is such a wide variety of topographical surveys, there is sure to be an ideal option to help make your next significant project a success. A detailed survey map that is created by an experienced technician is a valuable tool that can be utilized by experts in nearly any industry.

For example, the information from general topographic surveys is useful for professionals in the forestry, petroleum, and geology industries. The maps are also utilized in construction projects, civil engineering designs, and real estate transactions. Four areas that frequently use topographic surveys are:



Before construction begins on any large project, engineers consult a topographic survey to study the property. This determines if any aspect of the property, such as its grading, should be adjusted for the project to succeed.



An architect needs to know as much about a property as possible to create successful designs. The information from a general topographic survey and a boundary survey can be used to create 3D versions of designs.



Experienced construction agencies understand that there is no point in building a significant structure if it will not last. As such, agencies utilize the information from survey maps to find and resolve any topographical challenges.



Topographical maps are utilized by government agencies for many purposes. The information can enforce zoning and construction requirements. The data is also used to evaluate infrastructure and revise large projects.


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