What are the Types of Tulsa Surveying?

Aug 31, 2021 | Land Surveying

Working with the right Tulsa surveying technician will help make any significant project a success. In general, land surveys are conducted to locate and measure both natural and artificial features. There are various types of surveying, so it helps to know which one you need before having your land surveyed. At


Types of Tulsa Surveying



These provide a lender or title company with the location and survey data needed to issue an American Land Title Association or Extended Coverage Title Insurance policy. Usually, an ALTA/ACSM survey shows the relationship between a property’s existing improvements in relation to its boundaries as described on its deed.


Boundary Survey

These locate a property’s corners and boundary lines. A technician may also conduct one to find easement lines or encroachments. For a boundary survey, the technician conducts record and field search, which includes making the measurements and computations needed to set boundary lines according to local and state laws.


Topographical Survey Tulsa

These locate the artificial and natural topographic features of a property, including any buildings, streams, utilities, and embankments. A technician may conduct a topographic survey because a government agency needs one. Architects and engineers also use them to plan site improvements and developments.


Construction Survey

These are important in the construction process as they involve staking out all structures on a property. The staking process provides directions for implementing the improvements listed on the development plan. Construction surveys help in the creation of various significant projects, including buildings, walls, roads, and utilities.


Location Survey

These are similar to boundary surveys but provide additional information regarding the locations of a property’s interior improvements. Technicians most frequently conduct location surveys to fulfill the requirements needed for zoning permits and loan applications.


Site Planning Survey

These combine elements of boundary and topographic surveys for site planning purposes. Site planning surveys are often required for development permit applications as designers and contractors use them when planning various improvements and developments, such as highways, stores, and industrial sites.


Subdivision Survey

These are used to divide a property into smaller lots, tracts, or estates. Subdivision surveys are also utilized to help design streets and drainage systems. Because of these significant elements, they must also be recorded by the relevant state and local government agencies.


When Do You Need a Sisemore & Associates Land Survey

There are many situations in which  Tulsa surveying is needed. Some of the most frequent reasons for a property owner to hire a land survey technician include:

  • Resolving boundary issues; land surveys will end any disagreements regarding where your property ends and someone else’s begins.
  • Determining plot sizes and prices; if you know a property’s exact size, you can more effectively determine its value (making surveys important for buying and selling).
  • Building a new structure; if you are constructing a home or office building, you need to know as much about the property as possible before you begin.


Where to Get a Topographical Survey Tulsa

All successful construction projects begin with an accurate land survey, so it is essential to work with experienced surveyors. At Sisemore & Associates, our knowledgeable technicians use the highest quality equipment to get the best results. Contact us to learn more.