What Are the Uses of Land Surveying Tulsa?

Tulsa surveying is an essential first step of any significant construction project. By working with a land surveying Tulsa technician, the property owner or potential buyer will learn everything they need to know about a property. For surveys on both developed and undeveloped properties, an Oklahoma surveying technician will:

  • Locate artificial and natural features.
  • Describe the property.
  • Document all features and boundaries.
  • Map out the entire property.

To conduct surveys, technicians utilize their knowledge of math, physics, engineering, and law. This knowledge is combined with high-quality equipment to determine a property’s points and define the distances between those points. All of this allows the technicians to take accurate measurements and provide essential information that will ensure a project’s success.


The Uses of Oklahoma Surveying

Land surveys provide valuable information that can be used in many ways for a variety of projects. Consider working with a Sisemore & Associates land survey technician if you need to:


Resolve Boundary Issues

Land surveys are often conducted to help property owners determine exactly where their land begins and ends. This information can help resolve any disputes regarding boundaries.


Determine Exact Plot Sizes

A land survey is also useful if you are purchasing or selling a property. By learning the exact dimensions of a plot of land, you can determine its value more accurately.


Build a New Structure

Before building a new structure, it is important to know everything that you can about the property. A land survey will ensure that the structure is long-lasting and constructed safely.


Purchase a New Property

If you want to purchase a new property, having a land survey conducted is recommended. By learning about the property’s details, you can make sure that it is the right choice for you.


Finance a Property

Land surveys are also useful if you need to finance a plot of land, home, or any other structure. Depending on the situation, some lenders require a survey before they provide a loan.


Types of Tulsa Surveying

There are various types of land surveys, each of which has its own uses. If you need a land survey for your property, knowing more about each type can help you determine which specific survey you need. Some of the most frequently conducted types of land surveys are:

  • ALTA/ACSM surveys provide the information needed for an American Land Title Association or Extended Coverage Title Insurance Policy.
  • Boundary surveys locate a property’s boundary lines and corners.
  • Topographical surveys locate a property’s natural and artificial topographic features.
  • Construction surveys provide information on how to make the improvements listed on the development plan.
  • Location surveys are similar to boundary surveys but include information about the property’s interior improvements.
  • Site planning surveys combine elements of topographic and boundary surveys.
  • Subdivision surveys are used to help divide properties into smaller tracts, lots, or estates.


Looking for Land Surveying Tulsa Services?

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