What Are the Uses of Surveying in Oklahoma Civil Engineering?

Dec 24, 2021 | Civil Engineer

Oklahoma civil engineering projects involve the building of systems or structures in the natural environment. Some of the most frequently constructed civil engineering Tulsa works include bridges, roads, dams, sewers, airports, and electrical grids. Because of the direct impact that these significant projects have on the surrounding area, CFEDS surveying Tulsa services are utilized when planning, building, and maintaining engineering projects.

Comprehensive surveys assure the placement, security, and safety of the completed project. Before construction begins, a survey will determine the property’s exact boundaries and ensure that any structures built there will be entirely safe. During the design process and construction, surveyors work to maximize project efficiency, prevent damage to the surrounding environment, and contribute to the design and development of property infrastructure.


The Uses of Surveying in Oklahoma Civil Engineering

In any context, including civil engineering, surveys involve gathering data about the land. Accurate and timely surveys are essential for a wide variety of civil engineering projects and works. The many uses of surveying in civil engineering include:

  • Creating topographical maps that show natural and manufactured features, such as rivers, hills, fences, and roads.
  • Planning and estimating new engineering projects, including railroads, transmission lines, irrigation schemes, and bridges.
  • Preparing fully comprehensive cadastral maps that show the boundaries of various properties.
  • Creating engineering maps that show the positions of works, including buildings, railways, roads, and canals.
  • Planning aquatic navigation routes and harbors utilizing marine and hydrographic surveys.
  • Preparing contour maps to increase project efficiency by showing the best possible routes and earthwork required.
  • Creating accurate boundary maps for states, districts, and more to prevent property-related disputes.
  • Exploring mineral wealth through mine surveys that utilize direct and indirect measurements.


What Survey Types are Used in Civil Engineering Tulsa?

Two survey types frequently conducted for use in civil engineering projects and works are topographic surveys and as-built surveys.


Topographic Surveys

The most frequently conducted survey type for civil engineering is the topographic survey. For these, technicians focus on the land’s physical qualities, so they will:

  • Collect data on the distances and angles of key points.
  • Make measurements of the land’s relative elevations.
  • Define the area’s boundaries based on various documents.
  • Locate and define the properties of natural and manufactured features.


As-Built Surveys

Because Oklahoma civil engineering projects are significant, there is still work involved when the construction process is done. Technicians conduct as-built surveys upon the project’s completion to establish accuracy. This determines whether the entire construction process followed the project’s initial guidelines and fits the data established in the initial topographic survey.


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