What is 3D Laser Scanning? And How is it Used in Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma?

Apr 20, 2023 | Services

Technicians utilize different methods and equipment types while land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma to accurately measure and map out a property. One frequently used equipment type is 3D laser scanning technology. The scanners are known for their wide range, high speed, and impressive levels of precision. These qualities allow technicians to accurately measure large plots of land, including their structures, without any physical contact.

While technicians conduct their review of the area, the 3D laser scanners will collect millions of points of data. These data points are utilized to produce information and documents that can assist with every step of your project, such as:

  • 3D and 2D drawings.
  • Topological maps.
  • 3D models.
  • Volumetric calculations.

If any of these would benefit your project, when you are looking for a “surveying company near me,” consider asking whether they utilize this technology. Of course, because technicians use many different methods and instruments to produce accurate measurements, you may wonder what attributes make this technology so advantageous.


3 Ways that 3D Laser Scanning Benefits Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma

There are many advantages of utilizing 3D laser scanning technology, each of which can reduce the time that your project spends in the design and production stages. As a result, everything can move forward on a good and efficient timeline. Here are three ways that 3D laser scanners assist with Tulsa surveying services:


1. High Levels of Precision Result in Accurate Measurements

Before a plot of land can be developed or updated, you will need to have it measured and mapped out. When the measurements are highly precise, it will contribute to the success of your project. Because 3D laser scanning technology yields data at a high level of accuracy, it ensures that any measurements made according to that data are also accurate.


2. The Technology Can Work with Many Tulsa Surveying Styles

One of the unique benefits of 3D laser scanning technology is that it does not have to make physical contact with structures to measure them. As a result, the technology easily adapts to work with a range of surveying methods. For example, at Sisemore & Associates, our 3D laser scanners are capable of performing aerial mapping. The scanners are also compatible with mobile devices.


3. Laser Scanners Can Greatly Reduce Time Spent in the Field

Measuring and mapping out a large property can take a lot of time and effort. These factors can both be extended if the terrain requires that everything must be done on foot or if you are unable to utilize a drone for an aerial survey. Because 3D laser scanning technology has a wide range and performs its functions quickly, it significantly reduces field time.


Looking for a Surveying Company Near Me?

An accurate land survey can contribute to the success of any significant project. If you are looking for quality surveying services, contact Sisemore & Associates. Our technicians are experienced with various surveying styles and equipment types, including 3D laser scanning technology. We utilize this equipment to efficiently conduct pre-design and as-built surveys at the highest possible level of precision.