What Is a Topographical Survey Tulsa?

Nov 21, 2023 | Land Surveying

A topographical survey Tulsa is conducted to locate and measure the surface features on a property so the technician can then accurately depict the land on a map. These may be referred to as topographic, topo, contour, or terrain surveys. Some also refer to topographic surveys simply as “land surveys.” The detailed information covered in the map makes it a valuable asset in the planning, construction, and post-construction phases of many projects.


What Is Depicted on the Tulsa Surveying Map?

Similar to a boundary survey, topographical surveys detail the property lines and corners on the surveyed plot of land. However, while boundary surveys focus on the horizontal measurements of the land, topographical surveys cover the area’s features and include a dedicated focus on elevations.

Attributes of the land shown in the completed map include the locations, sizes, and heights of natural features, manufactured features, and improvements. The technician also notes any elevation changes. The compiled information makes it easier for civil engineers, architects, builders, and other professionals to plan for future projects, allowing the development process to move forward more efficiently. On the map itself, the surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma will include:


Contour Lines

On the survey map, contour lines are used to depict changes in elevation on the land. This allows viewers to better understand the property’s terrain, which is very important when planning to develop the land. By changing the distances between the lines, technicians show the land’s peaks and valleys:

  • Lines drawn closely together illustrate areas where a steep incline or decline occurs.
  • Lines that are placed further apart represent the subtle changes from gentle slopes.

The Tulsa surveying technician will include circles to represent hills. The smallest circle represents the peak, while the larger surrounding circles lead to each hill’s base.


Natural Features

The topographic survey will depict the naturally occurring structures on the property. These features include, but are not limited to:

  • Trees.
  • Boulders.
  • Rivers.
  • Ponds.

The technician will note the exact location, size, height, and depth of every natural feature.


Manufactured Features

Land surveys include map symbols to show the locations of manufactured structures and utility systems. These features include:

  • Buildings.
  • Railway lines.
  • Roads.
  • Fences.
  • Utility poles.
  • Wells.

The surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma also cross-reference existing plans to accurately depict the locations of underground utility systems, such as gas lines and plumbing systems.


When May You Need a Topographical Survey Tulsa?

The results of these Tulsa surveying services can assist with a range of projects across a variety of industries. For example, you may benefit from a topographic survey if:


You Are a Potential Property Owner

Topographical surveys can be beneficial for potential property owners preparing for a real estate transaction. In this situation, the information contained in the survey can tell you everything you need to know about the land, so you can determine if it can serve your future development needs. As such, it can significantly assist you with your future investment, especially if you also have an ALTA survey conducted.


You Are a Civil Engineer

Surveyor technicians often partner with civil engineers when they are preparing for projects. This is because the data in the survey can assist during the design, construction, and post-construction phases of many projects, like developing new utility systems, improving roads, or building structures. In addition to describing the land’s terrain, the topographic survey can help you more effectively adhere to zoning regulations.


You Are an Architect or Designer

A topographical survey Tulsa can significantly help an architect when they are designing new structures to build on the land. The information covered in topographical and boundary surveys can help you create designs that are appropriate for the land based on its conditions. This is essential, as it can help you prepare for issues related to sloping and water drainage. Of course, it also helps with zoning regulation adherence.


Partner with a Reliable Surveyor Technician in Tulsa Oklahoma

Before detailed design work on a significant project begins, it is recommended to have a topographic survey conducted. For the best results, it is important to collaborate with a reliable and experienced surveying firm. Sisemore & Associates is prepared to be your partner. Contact us to learn more.