What is the Advantage of GPS Survey Tulsa?

Aug 2, 2021 | GPS Survey, Land Surveying

At Sisemore & Associates, we focus on providing accurate data quickly and efficiently. One way that we do this is through our GPS survey Tulsa services. GPS is an essential part of Oklahoma land surveying because it increases speed and productivity while providing accurate and reliable data.


How is Oklahoma GPS Survey Data Used?

There are many ways to use the data collected from a GPS land survey. Knowing more about how technicians utilize this data can help you understand why the advantage of an Oklahoma GPS survey is so significant. The five key uses of GPS data are:

  • Location: determining a point’s exact location.
  • Navigation: guidance when moving from one place to another.
  • Tracking: monitoring an object’s or a person’s movement.
  • Mapping: creating a map or plan of a plot of land.
  • Timing: making precise time measurements.

While individual projects prioritize different key uses, the data found through a GPS land survey is often essential to that project’s success.


The Primary Advantage of GPS Survey Tulsa Technology

While there are many benefits of utilizing GPS technology, the primary advantage of a GPS survey is how highly accurate the results will be. GPS survey technology allows the technician to use satellite signals to pinpoint exact locations on the Earth’s surface. GPS survey Tulsa can also provide highly accurate information on velocity and time synchronization for various forms of travel.


Additional Benefits of GPS Survey Technology

The overall accuracy of GPS survey data is the technology’s primary advantage. However, the use of satellites to determine exact points leads to many additional benefits.


Avoiding Past Surveying Constraints

One significant benefit of a GPS survey is that the equipment does not face as many constraints as conventional techniques. Rather than being confined to highly specific locations, technicians can install the stations at greater distances from one another. They also operate perfectly as long as there is a clear view of the sky.


Fewer Weather Restrictions

Due to the utilization of satellites, GPS technology has the added advantage of providing accurate location information in nearly any weather condition.


Efficient Communication

While this is not available with all GPS technology, certain systems allow for real-time data delivery through wireless communication. This capability enables projects to move faster than ever before.


How Oklahoma Land Surveying Technicians Utilize GPS

As a whole, the land surveying industry focuses on gathering information about the positions of points and determining the angles and distances between multiple points. Through a variety of instruments, technicians create maps, determine property lines, and gather the information that is essential to architects, engineers, and developers.

The accuracy of the survey results depends on the technician’s skills and the quality of the data-collecting instruments. GPS technology is constantly improving, allowing technicians to make accurate and complex calculations more quickly than ever.

When an experienced and skilled technician conducts a land survey using quality GPS surveying equipment, the resulting data will be at the highest possible accuracy. Contact us to learn more about how GPS technology can help your next project succeed.