What Is the Difference Between a GPS Survey Tulsa and a GNSS Survey?

Jun 28, 2023 | GPS Survey

During a GPS survey Tulsa, a surveyor technician utilizes equipment that works with the Global Positioning System. This advanced network of satellites and receiving devices provide continuous information on positioning and timing. Through this technology, surveyors can efficiently measure angles, distances, heights, and more – all at an impressive degree of accuracy.

Whether it is due to professional or everyday use, you probably have some understanding of what GPS involves. You may be less familiar with the term “GNSS,” though. GPS technically fits within the category of GNSS – the Global Navigation Satellite System. This term covers all satellite positioning systems that are active around the world, of which GPS is the most well-known and widely used.


Understanding GPS and GNSS Technology in Tulsa Surveying

If you are preparing for a significant project, you may wonder if a GPS survey or a GNSS survey will better provide you with the results you need. Learning the similarities and differences of these systems can help you determine which type of land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma is best suited for your project.


The Similarities Between GPS and GNSS

Because GPS is under the umbrella term of GNSS, there are naturally many similarities between the two. Notably, both systems involve satellites, ground control stations, and receivers. Surveyors use these to establish baselines:

  • At least one receiver is placed at either end of a line that is being measured.
  • The same satellites are used to measure both receivers simultaneously.
  • The results show the height, latitude, and longitude differences between them.

Through the use of GPS or GNSS technology, surveyor technicians do not face the same physical constraints as they do with other surveying methods.


The Differences Between a GNSS and GPS Survey Tulsa

While these types of equipment act in the same way and provide similar results, there is a significant difference between the two: their scale.

GPS technology utilizes navigation satellites owned and operated by the United States. In contrast, the Global Navigation Satellite System can use signals from any satellite, regardless of its source. As such, GNSS technology can operate on a broader scale.

However, this does not mean you should automatically choose GNSS surveying services over GPS. Because there are so many satellites available for GPS technology to utilize, Tulsa surveying technicians can use either type of equipment to yield highly precise results. As such, if you are in an area that is covered by the Global Positioning System, a GPS survey will provide you with the accurate measurements needed for your project to succeed.


Quality Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma

The precise results of a GPS survey can help any project succeed – especially when it is conducted by expert land surveying technicians. If you are in the Tulsa Metro, consider partnering with Sisemore & Associates for your project’s surveying needs.

With over two decades of surveying experience and knowledge of advanced practices, we are recognized as one of the area’s top land surveying and civil engineering firms. Please contact us to learn more about our services, including GPS surveying.