What Is the Real Value of CFedS to Your Land Survey?

Jan 26, 2023 | Land Surveying

During the land surveying process, an Oklahoma surveyor technician researches, locates, describes, documents, and maps out all of the features on a plot of land. Whether the land is developed or empty, the resulting survey will provide a thorough description of everything within its boundaries. As such, an accurate land survey is a much-needed asset for a range of projects. For example, you need a completed survey before:

  • A land title is transferred.
  • A plot of land is subdivided.
  • Empty land is developed.
  • Boundary disputes arise.
  • Construction starts near property lines.
  • Construction on un-surveyed land starts.

When conducting surveys, technicians use an intricate combination of engineering, math, physics, and law. They also utilize various types of equipment, technology, and surveying methods. Many surveyor technicians enter the Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) program to further advance their skills. The knowledge developed here ensures that CFedS surveying Tulsa is a valuable addition to your land survey.


Understanding CFedS Surveying Tulsa

Technicians who complete the voluntary Certified Federal Surveyor program can perform a wide range of land surveying services at a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. When a technician has this certification, it shows that they have received the extensive training necessary to perform boundary surveys and any related cadastral surveys according to federal standards.

The Oklahoma CFedS Surveying program provides more avenues to accomplish cadastral and land surveying services for Indian trust assets and restricted fee lands. As such, many federal agencies, the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), tribes, and individuals choose to work with technicians on the CFedS roster when a survey is needed to help a project succeed.


How Does Oklahoma CFedS Surveying Advance the Industry?

The Certified Federal Surveyor Program is able to assist with more significant projects and advance the industry as a whole by:

  • Increasing the number of technicians who can conduct surveys on or near federal interest lands.
  • Complying with regulations and policies while making surveys, decreasing the chance of rework.
  • Providing opportunities that help to increase self-determination for Indian tribes.


How Does a Technician Become a Certified Federal Surveyor?

To become a CFedS, a state-licensed technician must successfully complete the certification process established by the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey Program. After submitting an application, the technician must complete approximately 160 hours of a series of distance-learning training courses.

Following the training program, the technician will take a six and one half hour Certification Examination. When this is completed successfully, they will be certified and added to the CFedS roster. In order to stay on the CFedS roster, the technician must complete advanced continuing education modules on an annual basis.


Partner with Our Oklahoma Surveyor Technicians

At Sisemore & Associates, our team of technicians has the knowledge and skills to conduct surveys accurately, efficiently, and according to CFedS standards. Our expertise ranges from land surveying and civil engineering to land planning and construction layouts. We aim to constantly improve our practices by bringing innovation and creativity to every project. Contact us to discuss your next significant project.