What Should a Topographical Survey Tulsa Include?

Dec 28, 2021 | Land Surveying

When conducting a topographical survey Tulsa, an Oklahoma surveying technician locates and describes a property’s features and elevations. The data from the Oklahoma topographical survey is used to create topographical maps, which provide essential information for a wide variety of projects.


What Should a Topographical Survey Tulsa Involve?

Topographical surveys include the location of a property’s natural and manufactured features. For increased accuracy, the technician will specifically note each feature’s location, height, depth, and size. The technician will also locate and note any improvements made to the property.

In addition to gathering data about these features, topographical surveys include information on the terrain and elevations. When creating topographic maps, technicians utilize land contours and spot levels to show the elevation changes throughout the property.


Oklahoma Topographical Survey Process

There are various steps involved in conducting a topographical survey. A broad overview of the process includes:

  1. Discussing the project with the client to determine the level of accuracy needed for the survey.
  2. Gathering information on the geographical area.
  3. Visiting the property and collecting on-site data.
  4. Processing and preparing the data for the final survey output.
  5. Delivering the finalized accurate data to clients to promote an efficient project timeline.

Of course, there are many more steps involved to ensure that each topographical survey provides the highest possible accuracy within an efficient timeframe.


When Do You Need Topographical Oklahoma Surveying Services?

Topographical surveys have a variety of uses and may be required for real estate transactions, construction projects, and civil engineering design. For example, you may need to work with a technician if your next project involves:

  • New building construction.
  • Remodeling or adding to existing structures.
  • Utility design and implementation.
  • Bridge and road design or improvements.
  • Drainage or grading projects.
  • Repurposing developed land for other uses.

Additionally, local government bodies often require topographic surveys before many projects can begin to review the property’s existing conditions and elevations. Topographical surveys may also be needed when working with engineers and architects. The information from these surveys is often combined with data from boundary surveys in order to create accurate and appropriate designs for a property.


Using Topographic Surveys with Boundary Surveys

Although using the two together is not always necessary, combining the data of topographic and boundary surveys can be useful. While topographic surveys provide a deep look at a property’s features and elevations, boundary surveys provide a more broad overview by locating and documenting a property’s boundaries, structures, and encroachments. The comprehensive information that these two survey types provide for a property can be utilized for a wide variety of projects.


Quality Surveying Services

Whether you need a topographical survey, boundary survey, or any other service, working with a firm that focuses on accuracy and efficiency is essential. At Sisemore & Associates, our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing high-quality Oklahoma surveying services to ensure that your next significant project is a success.

To learn more about our topographical surveying services or to partner with a Sisemore & Associates technician for your next project, please get in touch.