Why is GPS Technology Used for Land Surveying Tulsa?

Nov 25, 2021 | GPS Survey

During a land survey, Tulsa surveying technicians gather information about the positions of specific points, including the angles and distances between them. GPS survey Tulsa technology helps technicians make these calculations quickly and accurately. Through an Oklahoma GPS survey, land surveyors can create maps, determine property lines, gather essential information for construction, and more.


Why is GPS Technology Used in Tulsa Surveying?

The land surveying community was one of the first industries to implement GPS technology. Since then, advances in both GPS equipment and land surveying technology have allowed for increased productivity and data results that are more accurate and reliable than ever before.

GPS is utilized in land surveying because it helps create accurate maps and models of the physical world. This technology can be used for land surveys that involve both natural and artificial features, such as:

  • Mountains.
  • Buildings.
  • Rivers.
  • Powerlines.

GPS technology is useful because it is not bound to some of the constraints faced by other techniques, such as the line-of-sight visibility between stations. Instead of being confined to remote locations, technicians can utilize GPS stations at greater distances and can operate anywhere with a clear view of the sky.


What Does a GPS Survey Tulsa Involve?

GPS equipment utilizes signals sent out from satellites to pinpoint exact locations on Earth. GPS technology is useful in land surveys as it provides precise longitudinal and latitudinal location information. While this can be found using other means, GPS technology can be used in any weather conditions. Additionally, technicians do not need to manually measure the angles and distances between points.

When skilled and experienced technicians utilize high-quality GPS equipment, the resulting surveying and mapping data are sure to be accurate. Additionally, this technology allows for faster data collection and retrieval than other techniques. This means that more information can be collected, even with the required equipment and labor reduced.


The Pros and Cons of Oklahoma GPS Surveys

As with most technologies, there are positive and negative aspects of utilizing GPS for land surveying Tulsa. While the pros often outweigh the cons, it helps to understand both when determining what type of land survey your project requires.


The Pros of GPS Land Surveying Tulsa

  • When used by professionals, the technology yields highly accurate results.
  • All calculations are made quickly and accurately.
  • The equipment is not bound to the constraints of other technologies.
  • Surveyors can easily carry and relocate the equipment for fast data collection.
  • Some systems allow for real-time data delivery through wireless communication.


The Cons of GPS Land Surveying Tulsa

  • The equipment requires a clear view of the sky to receive a signal.
  • Function and communication capabilities may become limited due to interference from large structures or dense foliage.
  • As with any other technology, GPS systems may lose power.


Looking for GPS Surveying Services?

For any land survey, it is essential to work with the right technician. At Sisemore & Associates, our highly experienced survey technicians are experts in GPS survey technology. Contact us to learn more about our land surveying services.