Why Land Surveying Is Important for Oklahoma Civil Engineering Projects

Aug 28, 2022 | Civil Engineer

Expansive construction projects, including bridges, sewers, electrical grids, and roads, are all examples of Oklahoma civil engineering works. These significant projects have a direct impact on the surrounding area, so the planning and construction entities must have as much accurate data as possible to ensure success. Because of this, land surveying is very important in civil engineering projects.


How Tulsa Surveying Contributes to Civil Engineering Projects

Before construction begins, a Tulsa surveying technician should conduct a comprehensive survey that examines the land’s boundaries and topographic features. The resulting information will ensure that the project has the best placement, contributing to the security and safety of the completed project. Throughout the design and construction phases, the surveyor will contribute to infrastructure development, prevent damage to the surrounding environment, and work to maximize overall project efficiency.

During a survey, the technician will gather essential information about the land and compile that data into a map. There are many uses of surveying within civil engineering Tulsa, including:

  • Planning new and expansive engineering projects, such as transmission lines, railroads, bridges, and irrigation schemes.
  • Creating engineering maps to show the positions of large works, such as railways, roads, buildings, and canals.
  • Providing accurate boundary maps for districts, states, and other entities to reduce the risk of property-related disputes.
  • Preparing comprehensive cadastral maps that show the exact boundaries of commercial and residential properties.
  • Creating topographical maps that show natural features (ex. rivers and hills) and manufactured structures (ex. roads and fences).
  • Preparing contour maps that show the best possible routes and earthwork required, increasing project efficiency.
  • Conducting marine and hydrographic surveys to help plan harbors and aquatic navigation routes.
  • Utilizing direct and indirect measurements during mine surveys to explore an area’s mineral wealth.


The Most Frequently Used Surveys in Civil Engineering Tulsa

While many survey types can be utilized in the planning and construction of civil engineering works, two of the most frequently needed services are topographic and as-built surveys.


Topographic Surveys

Before the civil engineering project begins, a technician should conduct a topographic survey in order to accurately depict and describe the land’s physical qualities, both natural and manufactured. To do this, the technician will collect data on the angles and distances of key points, measure according to relative elevations, and define boundaries based on various legal documents.


As-Built Surveys

Because civil engineering works are so expansive, surveying services are often still needed after construction is complete. When the project is finished, the technician will conduct an as-built survey to determine if the construction process accurately followed the project’s initial guidelines. The technician will also determine if the project adheres to the data established in the topographic survey.


Land Surveying and Oklahoma Civil Engineering Services

Whether your project needs a land survey or you need a civil engineering team, Sisemore & Associates can help. Our engineering and planning staff will work to understand your objectives to produce integrated working documents and drawings. From there, our experienced surveying technicians will create accurate and detailed maps to help with the construction process. Contact us to learn more about our services.