Flying a Mapping UAV for Tulsa Surveying

May 5, 2021 | Drones

When it comes to land surveying, the right tools are essential to quickly and accurately receive information. For land surveying Tulsa, a mapping UAV is a helpful tool to gain all data needed for a successful project. When flying a UAV, there are some factors to consider to ensure that the survey is a success.


Flying a Mapping UAV

Check the Site

Before flying a UAV for Tulsa surveying:

  • Check the local regulations to ensure that a drone can fly in that place and at that time
  • Stay aware of weather conditions to avoid rain, fog, snow, and strong winds
  • Create a flight plan to ensure that the entire area will be covered without exhausting the UAV’s battery


At the Site

Bring a computer so you will be able to check the data after each flight. If you check the data after leaving, you may realize too late that the photos are not clear enough. It is also recommended that you bring your phone or a notebook to log flight times, extra batteries, and a photo storage device.


Setting Up the UAV

When you reach the land surveying Tulsa site and ensure that the weather conditions are suitable for flying, unpack and assemble the UAV. Thoroughly inspect each part of the UAV to make sure that it is prepared for the survey. Before launching the UAV, make sure that it is fully charged.


PPK or GCP Technology

On large sites, there could be around 90 ground control points that must be laid before the flight. In these situations, consider using Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) technology as it eliminates the need for control points, allowing the UAV to be flown shortly after arriving. For projects on sites that are not as large, Ground Control Point (GCP) technology is effective as it ensures high data accuracy.


Hiring an Oklahoma CFEDS Surveying Pilot

When hiring a Tulsa surveying company that utilizes mapping UAVs, it is important that the pilot is Oklahoma CFEDS surveying certified to ensure that the survey will have the best results.

At Sisemore & Associates, we follow all Oklahoma CFEDS surveying guidelines. Contact us to begin your next project.