How Accurate is a GPS Land Survey?

Jul 2, 2021 | Land Surveying

When conducting a survey, an Oklahoma land surveying technician gathers data about the positions of specific points and records the angles and distances between those points. Through this data, surveyors establish property lines, create maps, and provide needed information to architects, engineers, and developers.

The surveying industry is constantly becoming more efficient to provide accurate results more quickly than ever. In the past, some projects would go through weeks or months of measurements before they could begin. Through GPS survey Tulsa technology, these same measurements are accomplished in days or hours.


GPS Oklahoma Land Surveying Benefits

When utilizing Oklahoma GPS survey technology, land surveyors are able to quickly and accurately make complex calculations. Professional technicians frequently implement GPS technology when conducting surveys for nearly any industry because it provides accurate and reliable data for various applications.


How Accurate is GPS Survey Tulsa Technology?

Surveys conducted with GPS technology are sure to be highly accurate because of the sophisticated system. GPS technology utilizes a satellite network that communicates with receivers on the ground. When a technician needs to calculate a specific receiver’s exact location, they will receive data from at least four satellites.

The GPS satellites are highly specific when calculating a receiver’s location. The technicians will be able to record the receiver’s exact latitude, longitude, and height. If the receiver is moving, the satellites will provide data on its speed, velocity, and time synchronization for various forms of travel. GPS technology has the additional benefit of working efficiently in any weather condition.


The Uses of GPS

The land surveying industry was one of the first commercial industries to implement GPS technology. Many people today have experience with some form of GPS technology in both personal and professional capacities. Five primary uses for GPS are:

  • To determine a point’s exact location.
  • To navigate from one place to another.
  • To monitor and track a person’s or object’s movement.
  • To map out an area.
  • To measure time precisely.

Nearly anyone can access GPS technology through their smartphones or cars. However, there are some significant differences in how technicians utilize this technology for GPS surveys.


GPS Land Survey: Technology and Equipment

While many people have access to general GPS technology, technicians use the most sophisticated GPS equipment to gain the most accurate information. The receivers used are highly complex, utilize the highest-quality antennas, and have the most accurate and up-to-date calculation technology.


GPS Land Survey: Utilizing Data

Many people primarily use GPS technology in their cars or on their smartphones for navigational purposes. In contrast, surveyors utilize GPS technology to measure the distance between two or more points. While technicians may utilize some data that involves movement, that data will not necessarily be used solely for navigation.


Hiring an Oklahoma GPS Survey Technician

As with any other project, the accuracy of your GPS land survey will depend on the equipment quality and the Oklahoma land surveying technician’s experience and professionalism. When experienced surveyors use the best GPS technology with sophisticated software, an accurate measurement is guaranteed.

At Sisemore & Associates, our state-of-the-art equipment, reliable service, and knowledgeable technicians ensure that your GPS survey results will be accurate. Contact us before you begin your next major project.