What Is Civil Engineering Tulsa Oklahoma?

Oct 27, 2023 | Civil Engineer

As a discipline, civil engineering Tulsa Oklahoma involves the design, construction, and long-term maintenance of large structures. Civil engineering projects often involve public works, such as:

  • Roads, tunnels, and bridges.
  • Dams and canals.
  • Pipelines and sewage systems.
  • Railways and subways.
  • Airports and airfields.
  • Building structural components.

While you may be familiar with the projects civil engineers work on, you may still wonder, “What is civil engineering?” Learning more about this profession can help you recognize its importance.


Why Is Civil Engineering Tulsa Oklahoma Important?

Civil engineering is essential because these professionals design, build, and maintain much-needed infrastructure and facilities. As a result, projects that significantly impact daily life are completed on time and cared for in the long term.

The term “civil engineering” covers a broad range of specialties. As such, this profession is often split into different types or categories. From transportation facility care to water resource management, every subdivision of civil engineering is also very important.


What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Civil engineers may work for the public sector (such as federal government agencies or municipal public works departments) or for the private sector (such as global companies or locally based firms). In either case, when brought onto a project, civil engineers apply various engineering principles and practices to benefit the project.

For example, when working on a significant project, a civil engineer will:

  • Perform technical and feasibility studies through surveys, maps, reports, and various related data.
  • Determine the upcoming project’s financial, environmental, and/or socio-economic costs.
  • Ensure the project adheres to engineering regulations, like those related to health and safety.
  • Determine if any risk factors will impact the final project and resolve those risks, if possible.
  • Collaborate and communicate with the client, other engineers, land surveyors, and more.
  • Create plans so the project is delivered on time, within budget, and fully compliant with regulations.

Because engineering and land planning Oklahoma is an essential part of various construction projects, the partnership between civil engineers and land surveyors is especially important.


How Does Civil Engineering Relate to Tulsa Surveying?

To ensure the success of any civil engineering project, its planning and construction entities require as much accurate data as possible. Tulsa surveying technicians can provide that much-needed information by strategically measuring the land, conducting thorough research, and compiling that information into an accurate, comprehensive map.

Survey technicians and civil engineers often partner on significant projects so their clients can benefit from the expertise of both. It is especially useful when the project involves grading, drainage, electric supply, water supply, and sewer services.


How Does Someone Become a Civil Engineer?

Civil engineering requires advanced knowledge of various physical and scientific principles; of course, engineers must also know how to apply that information in a way that ensures the efficiency of every project. To become a civil engineer in Oklahoma, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or in a related field approved by The Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

While studying, an individual may focus on civil engineering Tulsa Oklahoma as a whole or specialize in one of civil engineering’s subcategories. The process of earning this academic degree usually takes between three to five years.

After earning an undergraduate degree, some choose to further their skills and specializations by earning a post-graduate degree. Further education may be required depending on the role, location, or firm an individual wants to work for. In particular, a potential civil engineer may need to earn a certification.


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