How to Prepare Your Property for a Topographical Survey Tulsa

Jan 26, 2022 | Land Surveying

A topographical survey Tulsa is conducted to establish a property’s elevation and locate its natural and artificial physical features. This highly accurate Oklahoma surveying map provides information that is essential for a wide variety of projects because it allows developers to understand the property completely. Having an Oklahoma topographical survey conducted is a normal part of buying or selling a property.

Through the information determined by a land surveying technician, you will be able to make informed decisions about your property. The technician will determine:

  • Your property’s exact boundaries and corners.
  • Specific locations of improvements, structures, and additions.
  • Anything that could affect the land’s use, such as slopes.
  • The locations of utilities and easements.
  • Whether the property is in a floodplain.


How Technicians Conduct Oklahoma Topographical Surveys

The process of conducting a land survey begins before the technician arrives at your property. They will begin by gathering information about the project and learning your requirements. This allows the technician to plan their schedule and determine the price. From there, the survey technician will consider various factors, including the:

  • Specific type of survey.
  • Type of terrain.
  • Equipment required.
  • Project timing.
  • Access to the property.
  • Availability of existing records.

Once the consultation and initial research are complete, the survey technician will conduct the topographic survey. For this, the technician will:

  • Collect data at the property.
  • Process the data and prepare a final report.
  • Review all information to determine accuracy.
  • Deliver the survey record to the client.


Preparing for a Topographical Survey Tulsa

As a property owner, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your topographical survey Tulsa runs as smoothly as possible.


Determine What Type of Survey You Need

There are many overlaps between the types of surveys. Starting out with an understanding of these types can help you determine what type of services you should look for:

  • Boundary surveys locate a property’s boundary lines and corners.
  • Topographical surveys focus on topographic features.
  • Construction surveys are essential when building new structures.
  • Location surveys provide information on a property’s interior improvements.
  • Site planning surveys combine data from boundary and topographic surveys.
  • Subdivision surveys help divide a property into smaller tracts, lots, or estates.

Of course, experienced technicians will be able to help you determine what type of survey you need for your project.


Share the Key Information that You Have

Established land surveying technicians have the experience required to get all of the information needed for a successful land survey. However, sharing any documentation that you already have can help the process move on a good timeline. Various documents, such as property deeds and past surveys, provide information that can be highly useful.


Looking for Oklahoma Surveying Services?

The best way to prepare for a topographic survey is to find the right technician. At Sisemore & Associates, our team has the tools and expertise needed to efficiently conduct highly useful topographic surveys. Before your next project begins, get in touch. We are ready to provide accurate results to help make it a success.