Using Mapping Drones in Land Surveying Tulsa

May 7, 2021 | Drones

When it comes to Oklahoma land surveying, one tool changing the industry is mapping drones. A significant benefit of a land survey using drones Tulsa is that the data perfectly matches what surveyors are able to determine from the ground while bringing in a greater perspective.


Four Reasons to Use Drones in Land Surveying Tulsa


Increased Safety

No matter the weather conditions, terrain, or driving distance, Oklahoma land surveying is always conducted outside. Safety is a top priority, particularly in areas with dangerous terrain and that require long hours.

Using a drone to map out an area eliminates the risks associated with land surveying related to heavy equipment use and injuries caused by terrain. A drone can conduct surveys in minutes instead of hours. Drones can easily survey a site, create a complete aerial mapping, and return to the launch location to upload data.


Survey Speed

Conducting a regular land survey takes hours of carrying heavy equipment from location to location, with the process taking place over several days. Instead of taking days or weeks, a land survey using drones Tulsa can map out that same area in minutes.

Drone mapping makes it possible to get highly accurate information quickly. Mapping drones can survey an entire area or a specific section of the land so you can consistently have the most up-to-date data when you need it.



Efficiently using your budget is extremely important in any project. In many circumstances, your company likely already has the resources to fit drone mapping technologies into your budget. Mapping drones also have long-term cost benefits.

A 100-acre site on dangerous terrain may take a month to map out traditionally, but a drone can do the same task in thirty minutes or less. The time-saving qualities of a drone will allow you to take on and complete multiple projects in the time it would previously take to complete one.


Using a Single Tool

Tools like theodolites, infrared reflectors, and GPS are useful when surveying. A quality mapping drone can take the place of these. Drones can produce equivalent results without the required effort to carry and relocate multiple tools as you go throughout a project.

For more information on mapping drones for your next land surveying Tulsa project, visit Sisemore & Associates.