Standards and Specifications of Oklahoma Topographical Surveys

Mar 2, 2023 | Land Surveying

Through an Oklahoma topographical survey, a technician creates a detailed map that defines a property’s features, improvements, and elevations. The information shared through this can determine whether a client’s project succeeds or fails. As such, technicians must follow the standards and specifications set for topographical surveys.


Why Are Topographical Survey Tulsa Standards and Specifications Important?

Topographic survey standards are guidelines that benefit both surveyors and clients because they help ensure that the resulting survey will be both adequate and accurate. Topographical survey specifications are the methods and procedures that must be utilized by the Oklahoma surveyor technician to attain the desired accuracy standard.


Oklahoma Topographical Survey Standards

In general, topographic survey standards apply to any topographic surveys that show the contour of the earth’s surface, along with the positions of specific fixed objects on it. While conducting these surveys, the technician will utilize approved terrestrial and GPS surveying methods. If the map will show property lines, the technician must also comply with the current standards for property surveys. Often, topographic survey standards do not apply if the surveys are conducted through photogrammetric methods.


Initial Research

Before conducting the topographical survey Tulsa, the technician will thoroughly research the parcel to gain all information on the land. At this time, they will gather information on the benchmarks that will be used during the survey. These are natural or artificial objects with a permanent location on the land; the elevation of all other objects will be determined by comparing them to the benchmarks. The benchmarks’ elevation will be based on nationally accepted data unless the client instructs otherwise.


Conducting the Survey

After this research is complete, the technician will conduct the topographical survey to obtain the information required by the standards. Based on these details, and any additional information requested by the client, the technician will determine which equipment, techniques, and procedures will most effectively and efficiently yield accurate results. For example, the technician may conduct one of these topographic surveys:

  • As-built: to determine if a project was completed according to its design plans.
  • Boundary: to redefine a property’s boundaries according to its legal description.
  • Control: to establish reference points that will help facilitate future surveys.
  • Construction: to assist with construction, also known as engineering surveying.
  • Hydrographic: to map a body of water’s bed and shoreline for various purposes.
  • Measured: to create plans for commercial purposes, renovations, and more.
  • Subdivision: to divide one large parcel of land into two or more smaller lots.


Survey Data

To meet the requirements of the topographical survey standards, the completed survey map will include:

  • The description, location, and elevation of all benchmarks.
  • Contour lines that show varying elevations throughout the parcel.
  • Locations of permanent structures, such as bridges, buildings, and walls.
  • Locations and elevations of natural features on or near the parcel.
  • Locations of streets, roads, sidewalks, and entrance drive openings.
  • Elevation changes on top of gutters, sidewalks, and curbs.
  • Spot elevations that show high or low points, grade changes, and more.
  • Information on the elevations of each building’s main floor.
  • All of the parcel’s official road names and address numbers.
  • A north-pointing arrow and information on the map’s scale.
  • Any additional information requested by the client.


Partner with Our Oklahoma Surveyor Technicians

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