What Are the Basics of Tulsa Surveying?

Jun 4, 2023 | Land Surveying

Tulsa surveying involves researching a property and making in-person measurements to locate and document all notable features on that land. To do this, technicians utilize various surveying methods, equipment types, and in-depth knowledge of engineering, physics, math, and law. An accurate survey can assist with a range of projects; for example, it is beneficial if you are preparing to:

  • Purchase or sell a structure or plot of land.
  • Make interior improvements to your property.
  • Divide one parcel of land into multiple plots.
  • Consolidate multiple land plots into a larger parcel.
  • Resolve issues related to property boundaries.

Surveying services can help with all of these and more because technicians aim to meet the objectives of land surveying.


What Are the Objectives of Tulsa Surveying?

The primary goal of any survey is to prepare a map or plan that depicts a plot of land on a horizontal plane. To do this, the technician must meet additional objectives, including:

  • The collection of essential field data.
  • The calculation of field parameters.
  • The creation of additional parameters.

The objectives of your survey are further defined based on the specific type of survey conducted.


Your Project May Require:

Boundary Surveying

These services involve documenting a property’s boundary lines and locating potential encroachments or easements. For a boundary survey, technicians review existing records and make measurements in the field to set precise boundary lines according to local and state laws or ordinances.


Location Surveying

The information in this is similar to that of a boundary survey; however, the technician will provide additional information on the existence and locations of interior improvements to the property. You may require a location survey to fulfill the requirements for loan applications or zoning permits.


A Construction Survey

This survey can assist with construction projects by ensuring the building process goes smoothly. For a construction survey, a technician will stake out all future structures on the property. They also provide directions on the best way to make the improvements in the development plan.


Topographic Surveying

If you need to plan site improvements or developments, you may require this surveying service. During a topographic survey, a technician locates and documents all of a property’s natural and artificial features, including buildings, utility systems, streams, and embankments.


Site Planning

This survey combines aspects of boundary surveying and topographic surveying, making it a valuable asset when working on development permit applications. Designers and contractors utilize site planning surveys for various projects, such as shopping centers, highways, and industrial sites.


ALTA Surveying Oklahoma

If you require a loan to purchase or refinance a property, this survey can show the lender that the transaction benefits all parties. ALTA surveying Oklahoma services yield the data needed to issue an American Land Title Association or an Extended Coverage Title Insurance Policy.


A Subdivision Survey

Technicians conduct these for various purposes; in addition to dividing properties into smaller tracts, they can be used to help design drainage systems and streets. Because of the documented information, relevant government agencies must also record subdivision surveys.

In addition to determining which surveying services are needed for your project, working with the right firm is essential. Consider partnering with a CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma technician for the best results.


What Is CFedS Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma?

After becoming state-licensed, some technicians further enhance their skills by entering the Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) program. Through this program, technicians receive the extensive training needed to conduct surveys according to federal standards, ensuring they can perform a range of services at the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.


Accurate Tulsa Surveying with Sisemore & Associates

While these are some surveying basics, much more goes into conducting an accurate land survey. With over two decades of experience and CFedS surveyors on our staff, Sisemore & Associates goes beyond the basics to provide the best surveying results for each client. Contact us to learn more about our services.