What is a Pre-Construction Survey?

Jun 29, 2021 | Construction Layout

Oklahoma CFEDS surveying technicians recognize the importance of keeping accurate records throughout the construction process, beginning in the planning phase. While many property owners know to hire a land surveying technician for their own property, there are more surveys to conduct before construction can begin. One essential part of the documentation process is the pre-construction survey.


Why Conduct a Pre-Construction Survey?

In any significant construction project, there is always a possibility that nearby structures could become damaged. Before construction on a new project can begin, a Tulsa surveying technician should conduct a pre-construction survey on any adjacent structures.

A pre-construction survey reviews a property’s existing condition before any construction activities on an adjacent property can begin. These surveys identify any signs of exterior and interior damage and also locate signs of structural settlement. Based on this information, the technician can determine if the structures were damaged during the adjacent property’s project construction phase.

In some situations, an adjacent property’s owner may report damages that are unrelated to the construction process because the issues were previously unnoticed. If the contractor or developer does not have a pre-construction survey on record, they may be unable to prove that it was not their fault and have to pay for damage that they did not cause.


Who do Pre-Construction Tulsa Surveying Services Benefit?

Land surveying Tulsa services are essential to any significant project. That importance extends to pre-construction surveys as they protect both the adjacent property owner and the project’s contractor or developer.


Benefits for Property Owners

A pre-construction survey is beneficial to the adjacent property’s owner because it establishes and documents the property’s current condition. This allows the property owner to determine if the construction of the new adjacent structure caused any damage or structural settlement to their property. Significantly, it determines if any damage to their property is the responsibility of the contractor or developer.


Benefits for Contractors or Developers

A pre-construction survey is also important to the contractor or developer of the new structure as it can serve as a loss control and claims defense mechanism. If the owner of an adjacent property states that construction activities damaged their property, the pre-construction survey can show if that claim is accurate or if the damage was pre-existing.


Utilizing Pre-Construction Land Surveying Tulsa Data


During the Pre-Construction Phase

In the pre-construction survey, the technician will identify and document any anomalies in the structure. This documentation will include a photograph, the general and exact location of the anomaly, and the specific anomaly type. If the damage is a crack, the technician will also record its size, type, and direction. The technician can install a crack monitoring gauge to record any changes that occur.


In the Construction and Post-Construction Phases

Pre-construction surveys are essential because they serve as a baseline comparison for follow-up surveys. Multiple follow-up surveys may be conducted during the construction and post-construction phases to document whether the pre-construction anomalies became worse and if any new anomalies occurred. The technician will document any new anomalies in the same method as they did during the pre-construction phase.


Hiring an Oklahoma CFEDS Surveying Technician

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