What Is the Primary Object of Land Surveying Tulsa?

An essential first step of any significant construction project is having the area reviewed by a land surveying Tulsa technician. The survey technician will locate, describe, monument, and map out the land parcel’s boundaries and corners, so you can determine whether you can successfully complete your project on the property.

Technicians conduct land surveys by making all essential measurements in order to determine and establish the relative positions of points. Through this information, technicians depict the points in a usable form. To better understand just how important Tulsa surveying is, it helps to know more about the primary object of surveying.


What Is the Object of Land Surveying Tulsa?

While surveys have many objectives, the primary object of a survey is to prepare a plan or map that represents an area of land on a horizontal plane. To prepare the plan or map, the technician measures the distance, direction, and elevation between points. They also utilize knowledge of predetermined angular and linear measurements.


What Are the Additional Objectives of Land Surveying Tulsa?

A variety of projects in many different fields are possible because of the maps and plans created through land surveys. Through the knowledge and data gained from these maps and plans, the additional objectives of land surveying include:

  • Collecting essential field data before building construction can begin.
  • Analyzing and calculating needed field parameters before engineering works can begin.
  • Creating additional field parameters for expanding or extending engineering works.


When Do You Need Tulsa Surveying Services?

Having an accurate map of an area is highly important when beginning plans for any significant project. In addition to determining whether a project is feasible on a specific property, there are many additional ways that land surveying services are useful. Through the knowledge that comes from surveys, professional technicians can help when you:

  • Are purchasing or selling a structure or parcel of land.
  • Are dividing a large parcel of land into multiple smaller parcels.
  • Are consolidating multiple parcels of land into one larger parcel.
  • Are installing improvements on a parcel of lands, such as a fence or septic system.
  • Have reason to believe that someone else’s fence, house, or other structure is encroaching on your parcel of land.


What Benefits Do Surveys Have for Engineering Projects?

In addition to calculating and analyzing the field parameters for new and expanded works, there are many more ways that professional survey technicians play an important role in engineering projects. Surveying data is highly advantageous for many phases of various engineering projects, including water supply and irrigation schemes, bridges, buildings, railroads and transmission lines, and more.


What to Look for When Hiring a Land Surveying Tulsa Technician

As with any phase or role in a construction project, a land survey is most useful when conducted by a skilled technician with quality equipment. To successfully conduct surveys, Oklahoma land surveying technicians are trained and knowledgeable in a unique combination of math, engineering, physics, and law.

At Sisemore & Associates, we know the powerful role that a detailed and accurate survey can play in a project’s long-term success. Contact us to learn more about our land surveying services.