When Should I Invest in CFedS Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma?

Jul 29, 2023 | Land Surveying

Surveyor technicians combine their knowledge of math, engineering, physics, and law to create accurate depictions of properties; as such, it is very beneficial to partner with a firm when preparing for a significant project. Because there are many types of surveys, such as topographical, GPS, or CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma, you may be unsure when to invest in the specific services.


When To Invest in Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma

For the best results, you should invest in surveying services before any construction begins or other major changes to your property occur. For example, it is best to partner with a Tulsa surveying technician:

  • Before a land title is transferred to another party.
  • When you are preparing to subdivide a property into plots.
  • Before land is developed, especially if it has never been surveyed.
  • When a potential boundary dispute could become costly.
  • Before construction occurs, especially when near a property line.

To understand when you should invest in CFedS surveying, specifically, it helps to first know more about what sets this specialization apart from other surveying services.


Understanding CFedS Tulsa Surveying

“CFedS” stands for “Certified Federal Surveyor.” When technicians use this distinction, it means that they completed the voluntary Certified Federal Surveyor program, in which they receive the training needed to conduct various surveys according to federal standards. To earn this certification, a technician must:

  • Complete an application set by the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey Program.
  • Complete approximately 160 hours of distance learning training courses.
  • Successfully pass a 390-minute Certification Examination.

After this, all new Certified Federal Surveyors are added to the CFedS roster. To stay there, the technicians must annually complete advanced continuing education modules.

In addition to receiving the training needed to perform boundary surveys (and related cadastral surveys) at a high degree of accuracy, the CFedS program gives technicians more avenues to accomplish surveying services for Indian Trust Acts and restricted fee lands. As such, CFedS surveyor technicians are often ideal partners when federal agencies, tribes, individuals, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs require land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma services.


When to Invest in CFedS Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma

If you are preparing for a project that requires the accurate results of a survey that is conducted according to federal standards, you should invest in CFedS surveying services long before construction begins. For any significant project, it is best to begin collaborating with a surveying firm while you are still in the planning and design phase. Additionally, it is best to partner with a CFedS technician if your project will take place on fee land or trust land.


Interested in Partnering with a Certified Federal Surveyor?

The experienced surveyor technicians at Sisemore & Associates are prepared to help guide your project to success. Our team includes our President, Shawn Collins, who is recognized by the Interior Bureau of Land Management as a Certified Federal Surveyor. Please contact us to partner with Sisemore & Associates for your next significant project in the Tulsa Metropolitan area. We are happy to meet with you and answer any questions about our services.