Why Partner with a Surveyor Technician in Tulsa Oklahoma?

Oct 31, 2023 | Land Surveying

When conducting a survey, a surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma uses mathematical skills, up-to-date technology, and efficient techniques to measure and map a plot of land. This data is utilized in the planning, construction, and post-construction phases of various projects. It can also be used to ensure that a property is an adequate choice for an upcoming project before it is purchased.

Surveyors often collaborate with engineers, developers, architects, town planners, and more. As such, if you are preparing for a project that involves infrastructure planning, land development, or construction, you will likely need to partner with a surveyor technician.


What Land Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma Professionals Bring to Your Project

Land surveying involves thoroughly examining a property, reviewing related documentation, and recording the property’s features. While a technician’s duties can vary based on the specific project and type of survey, they almost always:

  • Confirm the exact locations of points.
  • Mark routes and property boundaries.
  • Define the locations of land features.
  • Calculate the exact angles of slopes.
  • Organize measurements and records
  • Research existing land documentation.
  • Prepare documents, like maps and plans.

When working with a client, surveyor technicians contribute a variety of skills to the project, including those in:

  • Concentration: reliable land surveying technicians focus on their projects to ensure they provide the accurate results that clients need.
  • Decision-making: in order to meet tight deadlines, technicians can tailor their equipment and processes to each project’s requirements.
  • Listening: land surveyors partner with various members of the planning and construction team, so they value good communication.
  • Problem-solving: surveyors can guide various projects to successful completion by identifying and providing solutions for potential problems.

For added benefit, consider partnering with a technician specialized in CFedS surveying Tulsa Oklahoma.


What to Know About CFedS Surveying Tulsa Oklahoma

If a surveyor has the “CFedS” certification, they have completed the Certified Federal Surveyor program. Through this, they gain the knowledge and training necessary to perform boundary surveys according to federal standards. This is especially helpful if your project is being done on behalf of federal agencies, tribes, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).


4 Reasons to Partner with a Surveyor Technician in Tulsa Oklahoma

Working with a reliable land surveying Tulsa Oklahoma firm will benefit your project in many ways. For example:


1. The Survey Will Share Your Property’s Exact Plot Size

All permanently constructed features must stay within your property’s boundaries to prevent encroachments and the potentially costly disputes they can lead to. As such, before any project begins, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of your property’s exact corners and boundary lines. A surveyor technician can provide that data.


2. Your Team Can Better Understand the Topography

Before construction begins, you must determine whether the property is a good choice for the project. Your engineering and planning team will need a map of the land’s topography, along with data on soil issues and flood-prone areas. A land surveyor can share that information in a topographical survey, preventing potential construction delays.


3. If Needed, the Plot of Land Can Be Properly Divided

If you want to split a property into subdivisions, you need surveying services. The surveyor technician in Tulsa Oklahoma will thoroughly measure the property and research all involved legal documents to guide the process. From there, they will define the subdivision requirements, depict the future divisions on a survey, and assign identifiers for the new lots.


4. The Project Can Comply with Codes and Standards

Your projects should fully adhere to relevant city codes and planning standards. To comply with town plans and building codes, you need to know the land’s borders and topography – a surveyor can help. To develop or subdivide the property, you need a planning permit; having a professional survey done is a key part of the approval process.


Collaborate with Sisemore & Associates

The experienced surveyors at Sisemore & Associates are prepared to partner with you on your next significant project in the Tulsa Metro. With our decades of experience, top-of-the-line equipment, and accurate processes, we can provide the data you need for your project to succeed. Please contact us to learn more.