Why You Should Do a Pre-Construction Survey

Land surveying Tulsa is an essential first step of any project. Whether you need an Oklahoma GPS survey or 3D laser scanning services, the right tools used by the right technician will help make any project a success.

A pre-construction survey is highly beneficial for any construction project. Bringing on a qualified GPS survey Tulsa technician to conduct a construction layout survey is usually one of the first tasks undertaken at a worksite. Pre-construction surveys develop the site’s rough layout and should include the locations of:

  • The proposed structure.
  • Any adjacent structures and their current conditions.
  • All utility lines and gas lines that are near the site.
  • All cable lines and phone lines that are near the site.
  • Any existing structures, monuments, roads, and parking lots to be retained and their current conditions.
  • Any existing trees, plants, and other landscaping features to be retained and their current conditions.

The surveys will also identify any potential problems that contractors should consider before construction begins.


Why You Need Pre-Construction Land Surveying Tulsa Services

During any significant construction project, there is a chance that the operations could cause damage to a neighboring property. Because of this risk of damage, contractors should consider having a pre-construction survey conducted. They are highly recommended when heavy construction equipment is required and when the following practices are scheduled:

  • Excavation and trenching.
  • Pile driving.
  • Dewatering operations.
  • Underpinning.
  • Blasting or demolition of a structure.

The needed extent of the survey is determined by the planned construction activities and the worksite’s degree of exposure to the surrounding properties.


Responding to Claims of Damage

Pre-construction surveys are needed in case the owner of an adjacent property claims that the construction process damaged one of their structures or their utilities. The pre-construction survey can show whether their claim is accurate or if the damage was pre-existing.

If the owner of an adjacent property makes a damage claim, the technician will conduct another survey to compare the property’s pre- and post-construction conditions. This comparison will show whether the damage was:

  • Pre-existing (therefore, not caused by the construction process).
  • Pre-existing, but worsened by the construction process.
  • Caused by the construction process.

The information covered in these surveys will determine who is at fault and whether the contractor must pay for the damages.


What Does a Pre-Construction Survey Include?


Condition Reports

A condition report will cover the pre-construction conditions of the utilities, foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, and various other structural components of the adjacent properties. In relevant areas, the conditions of subterranean facilities will also be considered. These underground facilities include tunnels, electrical power vaults, and subways.


Photo Documentation

The surveyor will carefully document the current conditions of the adjacent properties. Any cracks or other examples of deterioration found are detailed, measured, and photographed in black and white to show the highest level of detail. After this, the photographs are labeled, dated, and notarized for authenticity.


Establishing Benchmarks

Before construction operations begin, the surveyor will establish horizontal and vertical benchmarks and survey points. By measuring these again following the construction process, the surveyor can determine whether it caused any buildings, roadways, or shoring systems to move or settle.


Hiring an Oklahoma GPS Survey Technician

For your pre-construction survey to provide the most accurate results, it is important to work with the right technician. At Sisemore & Associates, our surveyors are highly experienced in the latest surveying techniques, including GPS survey Tulsa technology. Contact us to start working on your next project.