Why Do I Need a Topographical Survey Tulsa?

Having a topographical survey Tulsa conducted is an essential step in the construction process. Before construction on any new structures begins, the land surveying Tulsa technician will assess the property to provide important information to the designer and contractor.


What Does Topographic Land Surveying Tulsa Involve?

During a topographic survey, an Oklahoma surveying technician identifies and locates a property’s natural and artificial features and improvements. They will also provide information on each feature’s location, size, and height. The features documented by these surveys include:

  • Retaining walls.
  • Utility lines.
  • Buildings.
  • Fences.
  • Lakes.
  • Plantlife.

The technician also studies and measures the surface elevation, which they will depict through contour lines on the survey map. This information is used to determine whether the property is a good fit for the proposed project. Technicians utilize GPS (global positioning system) and EDM (electronic distance meter) technologies to make accurate measurements.


Why Do I Need a Topographical Survey Tulsa?

A topographic survey provides a 3D depiction of a property. The information found in these surveys can be helpful to property owners in many ways, particularly when a structure will be built and to help plan erosion control measures.


Before Construction

If you plan to add on to an existing structure or to build a new one, a topographic survey will provide information that you should know before construction begins. Importantly, it provides essential data on the property’s contours and elevation changes. This survey will help determine which area of the property is best for the new structure. It can also determine whether the property is a good fit for the proposed structure.


Erosion Control

Topographic surveys are beneficial to property owners because they can help with erosion issues. By determining the exact contours, the technician will locate any swells and valleys on the property. Through this data, an engineer can calculate water flow and direction, allowing them to recommend solutions to eliminate erosion issues. By considering the contours before construction begins, erosion problems can be avoided entirely.


How Industries Use Topographic Surveys

These surveys are highly useful for a variety of industries. Many industries use topographic surveys to create maps, including geology, petroleum, and forestry. They also have an important role in many real estate transactions, construction projects, and civil engineering design projects, including:


  • New construction.
  • Remodeling existing structures.
  • Utility design or improvements.
  • Road and bridge design or improvements.
  • Drainage and grading.

Topographic surveys have more uses in various industries.


Uses for Engineers

Engineers utilize topographic surveys to study a property’s elevation. This allows them to determine if the property’s grade should be adjusted before any projects can begin.


Uses for Architects

Architects use these surveys to create a 3D version of their designs. By utilizing the information from topographic and boundary surveys, architects can create accurate designs based on a property’s existing conditions.


Uses for Government Agencies

Government agencies utilize topographic surveys to enforce zoning and construction requirements. They can also be used to evaluate existing infrastructure to find needed revisions and when planning environmental projects.


Uses for Construction Agencies

Construction agencies use these surveys to help determine whether the design will be successful before construction begins. There are various topographical challenges to consider, such as an overly steep grade or existing structures being in the way.


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